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Seattle based Zeitworkslaunching its private beta today after to raise a $4.5 million seed round in 2020 aims to give enterprises data-driven tools to improve the productivity of their teams and streamline their operations. That’s a market that’s growing quite a bit right now, especially given the pandemic that has made remote working a standard business practice and how the overall talent crisis is forcing many companies to do more with fewer employees. The general idea here is to help companies better understand how teams work and where there are opportunities to improve business processes beyond just using automation.

“The issue That goods real address is That there is teams and businesses in only as regards each industry Who to carry out all types by repeating company processes eall to dawn until to be clear, meit is company processes executed by means of people,” Zeitworks CEO and co-founder Jay Bartot told me. †TI think as regards process Bank loans or insurance claims or HR onboarding by new ones employees, moven information by system until system. Often, That systems are not interconnected or do not to have APIs. The issue That goods to resolve is That the majority by this one processes can not to be optimized because they are undocumented and unmeasured. They am i only not understood.”

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Unsurprisingly, understanding these processes is at the heart of Zeitworks’ product. But since these processes aren’t documented, you can’t really build a rules-based engine for discovering what people are doing. Instead, the company uses an AI-powered task mining system that uses signals from a wide variety of sources, usually with a focus on the desktop applications these users interact with during their day-to-day work. In fact, Bartot noted that he prefers the term “process intelligence” over “task mining,” as task mining is often associated with creating RPA bots rather than empowering teams and helping them work better.

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To do all of this, Zeitgeist needs to run its agent on an employee’s desktop and then track those users’ daily work with quite a bit of granularity. Microsoft is doing something similar with its productivity score, but the company also faced rather a bit of resists over it, as managers zoom in on the individual employee and can see how many emails they’ve sent, chats they’ve participated in, etc. The company later made some changes that focus more on the organizational level and away from individual users.

“Ln us world, the types by productivity scores That we are to withdraw to be around this one repeating work – the fact That people to be process Bank loans or you know insurance claims repeatedly is a fundamental part by what goods to measure and what goods doing of pattern recognition,” Bartot explained when I asked him about the possibility of kickback.So the productivity scores to be real focused direction That specifically friendly by repeating work. l to think in the case by Microsoft and other tools That we see from there also in the productivity room when you are to measure about loads of different types by workers upwards and down the worker stack by the highest level knowledge workers all the way down until friendly by digital workers, I think it’s more challenging to come up with something that’s useful and something that makes sense to people.” He believes that because his company has a very different kind of focus, the scores will be more useful and acceptable to users.

Looking ahead, Zeitworks is starting to build out its go-to-market capabilities now that it has proven its system on a number of pilot customers. The company is also working towards achieving its SOC 2 certification.

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