Why One-time numbers are useful!

The use of One-time numbers is growing around the world everyday and there are many uses for people using a one-time number. Such as messaging someone for a potential business opportunity, wanting to meet someone for a date or even just wanting to get a secondary account for an app or website. They have lots of advantages

They’re a huge help as they can bypass Geo-restrictions and other restrictions. The prices are also very cheap and you don’t even have to leave your house to get a new SIM card for the app/website you want to register with.

One-time numbers are very useful as they can help you stay anonymous without giving your personal phone number away. You can get one-time numbers in almost any country in the world at very cheap prices compared to buying a physical SIM card.

They can make it seem like you are in a different country when messaging someone or registering with a service. If someone was in one country and they wanted to contact someone from another country then they can get a one-time disposable number from that country and make it look like they are calling or messaging locally from that country.

Using one-time numbers is also good as it can stop third-parties from sending advertisements and other pieces of spam to your personal mobile number. As well as sharing your personal number with scammers!

You can use a disposable number for WhatsApp or Telegram if you want to separate family/friends and work/business!

You can create almost unlimited accounts for basically any website or app using virtual numbers

Where can I get a one-time number?

There are so many other great reasons and opportunities on why people like to use One-time numbers. One of the best services to use on the market is SMS-Man as they provide mobile numbers for over 180+ countries, they have more than 1000+ services you can use with their phone numbers, and they also have 300,000+ active users!

Using SMS-Man is fantastic as they have active suppliers for many countries and they are one of the biggest and cheapest companies on the market for receiving OTPs from many apps and websites. They also have many positive reviews and feedback from their 300,000+ users!

They offer a huge variety of payment methods to their users, they offer payment methods such as Visa/Mastercard, AliPay, Payeer and even cryptocurrency!

The registration process is very easy as no identification is required, all you need to register is a valid email and a password, That’s it!

They have fantastic 24/7 customer support, you can email them at [email protected] or you can join their Telegram group if you have any questions or enquiries

SMS-Man offer the feature to rent mobile numbers for many countries, this will allow you to receive multiple messages for one number until the rent period expires! They allow you to rent for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum amount of 3 months!

If you are planning to buy lots of numbers for a specific service in bulk then they can possibly provide a decent discount.

How does SMS-Man work?

SMS-Man hires suppliers all over the world, the suppliers either have something called an API or they have a special piece of hardware called a GSM Modem. This means it is fully automated so you can expect a very fast wait time and very little errors.

The suppliers will often get a replenishment of fresh SIM cards every week or so depending on the demand of that country and swap them with the old SIM cards. This will help as it will prevent people re-registering a number for a particular service or so they can cater to more demand for a particular country.

They have more than 100+ suppliers from all around the world and they receive more than 200,000+ SMS daily!

– Isaac J