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Chilean true crime thriller drama 42 Days of Darkness debuted on Netflix in May 2022. The show’s first season revolved around the mysterious disappearance of Verónica Montes. So her sister Cecilia teamed up with attorney Víctor Pizarro to uncover the truth behind the incident. Fans who binged the first season are now curious about 42 Days Of Darkness Season 2. So here we bring you what we know about it.

42 Days Of Darkness Season 2: Expect Plot!

We saw Pizarro try to prove that Mario gave someone a contract to his broad Veronica at the end of the first season. Despite his best efforts, he failed to find a witness to testify in court. The court released Mario from the case for lack of evidence against him.

42 Days of Darkness Season 2

At the same time, the other defendant was convicted of theft with manslaughter. We also saw Pizarro reconcile with his son in the season, and he left for Santiago, probably to help a missing woman’s family with him. Mario, Karen and Emilia moved to the house they lived in with Verónica, near Cecilia’s house.

When the series returns with 42 Days of Darkness, we expect the story to pick up after the first season ends. The second season could focus on the case of the woman Pizarro read about in the newspaper. Pizarro and his son may go to the city of Chile and try to get justice in the case. We may see Pizarro seeking help from Nora and Braulio to solve the mystery. A second season could potentially feature an in-depth examination of the country’s legal and law enforcement agencies. And the presence of the media around the investigation of the case and the families involved.

Is 42 Days Of Darkness Season 2 Coming?

42 Days of Darkness Season 2

The Chilean crime drama series 42 Days of Darkness debuted on Netflix on May 11, 2022. If you’re also wondering about the show’s possible second season, here’s what you need to know. Since it’s only been a few days since its premiere, Netflix hasn’t made a decision on the show’s future at this point. But we know that the end of season one has left a lot of room for the story to continue in the next season. Meanwhile, the early reviews of the debut season are also favorable. So we can expect Netflix to renew 42 Days Of Darkness season 2 soon.


The cast of Netflix’s Chilean crime thriller series Claudia Di Girolamo as Cecilia, Aline Küppenheim as Verónica and Pablo Macaya as Víctor Pizarro. Daniel Alcaíno plays Mario Medina, Amparo Noguera plays Nora, Néstor Cantillana plays Braulio and Gloria Münchmeyer plays Berta.

42 Days Of Darkness Season 2

The cast of the series also includes Julia Lübbert in the role of Karen, Montserrat Lira as Emilia, Claudio Arredondo as Toledo and Daniela Pino as Asenjo. If the series is relaunched for 42 Days of Darkness, we can expect the majority of the prominent cast from the first season to reprise their roles in the season. At the same time, there may also be some new faces in the second season.

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