Watch this Tesla turn into a monstrous 6-ton tank

A Tesla has many possibilities, but going off-road is not one of them. So what can you do when you really, really, real Do you want to drive your car over a muddy, uneven terrain?

Well I suggest you get in touch with a bunch of wild YouTubers named The real guys† They decided to solve this problem once and for all. How, you ask? Well, by transforming a Tesla Model 3 into a six-ton ​​tank with giant tracks.

Yes, you read that right, a tank.

The whole process — which you can watch in the video above — lasted four full weeks.

The group spent most of that time building those giant tracks, which required a lot of steelwork and 1.3-ton chains.

When the tracks were ready, they were attached to the Tesla and lifted 80 centimeters above the ground.

A special six-ton ​​winch was also added to the front to help pull the vehicle in case it gets stuck somewhere.

If you watch the video, you will find the craftsmanship behind the work extremely impressive.

But from an aesthetic point of view… it looks monstrous and, well, ugly as hell.

I can imagine participating in a Monster Jamor maybe this is what the electric war tanks of the future will look like.

In any case, it’s the most intriguing Tesla transformation we’ve seen yet, and it’s definitely worth checking out.