Warren Buffett: 3 things in life that separate successful people from everyone else

Warren Buffett is often recognized for his many business and investment achievements. His wealth-enhancing wisdom and leadership advice has made a difference in my own entrepreneurial career.

The mega tycoon has made countless inspiring and prophetic statements over the past decades. Here are three that caught my attention:

1. “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. When you think about that, you do things differently.”

Buffett is known for telling his executives to review every action they take because, as prominent business leaders in the limelight, they can’t afford to lose their reputation. Buffett’s statement is all about making sure you stay true to your values, even in challenging and stressful situations. Business is full of tough decisions, so it’s very important to put your integrity first in your decisions.

2. “You move towards the people you hang out with. So it’s important to hang out with people who are better than yourself.”

This quote is actually a paraphrase of Buffett’s best friend Bill Gates, captured in Gates’ memorable 90th Birthday Message to his good friend, “As Warren himself said a few years ago when we spoke to some students,” Gates says, “you’re going to be going in the direction of the people you hang out with. So it’s important to interact with people.” go better than yourself The friends you have will shape you as you go through life Make some good friends, keep them for the rest of your life, but make sure they are people you admire and like. ‘”

3. “There is no need to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.”

Extraordinary achievements of extraordinary people are indeed quite rare. The word extraordinary denotes something unusual — extraordinary — a feat that most of us will not easily achieve. But everyone can to strive to be extraordinary – to be their best – in pursuing their own worthy goals, using their own strengths and skills. Buffett’s quote suggests that we stop chasing those celestial ideas and endless planning and strategies of extraordinary and grandiose pursuits that don’t pay off. Ultimately, true success comes from focusing on those steady, small, and consistent daily actions that pave the way for long-term results.

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