Uber unveils a range of ambitious features to make your life easier

Ah, Uber. I’m just not sure what the company wants to be with its ever-expanding brand and platform. One day it will be a platform for flying cars† The next day it’s all about cycling, then decides to leave it taxis share his platform.

And yesterday it set its sights (or site, to be specific) much higher than ride-hailing and food delivery to something akin to a concierge in life, the launch of a new service offering under the brand. Let’s take a look at their offerings and share some thoughts on the merits of each:

Uber Travel

Uber is here to solve the pain of switching apps thanks to its own platform.

From this summer you will be able to book trains, coaches and car hire in the UK with the app.

And in the US and Canada, you can instantly book rides for any part of your itinerary. You can then earn back 10% in Uber Cash for every Reserve ride you book.

verdict: This is smart and causes major disruption to platforms such as omiothat partners with more than 1,000 carriers for trains, buses, flights, ferries, cars and airport transfers for in-app bookings.

And, assuming your flights aren’t delayed by baggage retrieval, the idea of ​​swinging into an airport and having your ride waiting for you is quite appealing.

All aboard the Uber party bus