Twitter rolls out the ability for creators to host Super Follows-only Spaces –

Twitter has announced that it’s rolling out Super Follows-only Spaces. Creators offering Super Follows subscriptions can now host Spaces exclusively for their subscribers. The social media giant says this new option will provide creators with a way to “offer an extra layer of conversation to their biggest supporters”.

Subscribers worldwide on iOS and Android can join and ask to speak in Super Follows-only Spaces, while subscribers on Twitter’s web platform can join and listen, but not have the option to ask to speak. Creators can start a Super Follows-only Space by selecting the “Only Super Followers can join” button when they start a new Space. Users who don’t follow a creator Super will still see the Space, but won’t be able to access it unless they subscribe.

It’s worth noting that the new Super Follow-only option for Spaces isn’t the only way for creators to keep exclusive Spaces. For example, Twitter launched its Ticketed Spaces feature last year, which allows creators to set a price for users to listen in on a Space. Creators can set their ticket price anywhere between $1 and $999 and can also limit the number of tickets sold.

First unveiled in February 2021, Super Follows allows users to subscribe to accounts they like for a monthly subscription in exchange for exclusive content. Super Follows is currently being tested with select makers in the United States on iOS. Qualifying accounts can set the price for Super Follow subscriptions, with the option to charge $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 per month.

The launch of Super Follows-only Spaces adds an extra layer of exclusivity to Super Follows subscriptions. Twitter says it plans to launch more Super Follows features so creators can expand their audience and get closer to their most engaged followers.

Twitter says its research shows that hosting consistent Spaces leads to more follower growth and also gives creators more ways to engage with their followers. The company found that consistently hosting Spaces about twice a week leads to a 17% follower growth over a quarter. In addition, the company says that creators who host consistent Spaces for a month see a 6-7% growth in followers, and creators who do this for two months see a 10% growth in followers.