Train at the office with this pedal trainer

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As an you have a lot on your plate. But one of those things that you really shouldn’t sacrifice is exercise. There are a number of good reasons why entrepreneurs should make time for movement. Most importantly, exercise can help you tap into the endorphins and serotonin you need to be your best self. But if you’re really short on time and just can’t get to the gym, what do you do? An easy way to make sure you get a little cardio every day is with the FlexStride Pedal Exerciser.

LifePro Fitness

This one compact, miniature elliptical machine is specially designed for use under your desk. The lightweight machine is easy to pack and go anywhere, so there’s absolutely no excuse not to train during your workday.

The FlexStride has eight resistance levels that can be easily calibrated to suit your needs, while the backlit LCD screen allows you to view and track your progress. The wide pedals have firm, non-slip surfaces so you can make calls or work with spreadsheets while keeping your legs active and working up a sweat. As you work, you’ll strengthen your core strength, circulation, flexibility and muscle tone, while sitting at your desk or slumping on the couch at the end of a long day. There’s no need to squeeze the gym into your busiest days.

Even when you hit the gym, the FlexStride is a great warm-up machine or post-workout recovery machine to help you improve your athletic performance.

Find out why the FlexStride pedal trainer has earned 4.7 stars on Amazon. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for 33 percent off $269 for just $179.99. That’s less than an annual gym subscription for a piece of equipment you can use every day.

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