Tips for Getting a Better Experience on Streaming Services

Streaming services have become very popular in recent years as they give you access to a ton of content from the comfort of your home. Even though they are a convenient option compared to what we had in the past, you can still make your movie or tv show streaming experience much better using the tips below.

Upgrade Your Internet Connection

The one thing that will make the biggest difference to your streaming experience is upgrading to faster internet speeds. Most people are still stuck with speeds from years ago and do not realize that internet service providers have been increasing internet speeds for some time. Some have even introduced gigabit internet which you can upgrade to for free or at a small fee and a small increase to your monthly internet bill.

Upgrading your internet connection is especially important if you live in a home with many devices that all stream 4K content. When upgrading, remember to keep both the number of devices and the number of people in the house in mind. Also, remember that you need at least 15 Mbps per device to stream 4K content but you will need a lot more to ensure the best experience.

Upgrade Your Router

Doing this goes hand in hand with upgrading your internet connection. Many people are still stuck using the routers they received from their internet service providers, and these routers are usually not the best. It is possible to see an increase in internet speeds of over 20% by switching to a newer router even when you do not upgrade to a faster connection.

A secondary benefit of upgrading the router is that you get a better signal and range inside your home to enjoy your content uninterrupted regardless of where you are in the house. If you cannot upgrade your router, move the one you have to a more central location away from walls and other obstacles. Also, never leave your router in an enclosed space such as a closet.

Use Secret Codes to Get to the Content You Love Faster

Every streaming platform has numerous genres of movies and shows for viewers to choose from. Sometimes you do not want to go through all the genres you do not want to watch or do not particularly enjoy to get to the ones you do. 

You can make things easier for yourself by using secret codes for streaming services to get content you love faster. You can use these codes to find the genre you need instantly, and you can use them whether you are watching on a browser or a streaming device. 

Add the code for the genre you need at the end of a link, such as:<code>. You should replace <code> with the code for the genre you love. To use on a streaming device, enter the code instead of a title on the streaming service search bar and enjoy.

Switch to Ethernet for Fixed Devices

Wi-Fi is great if you use portable devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets to stream content from your favorite streaming service. Wi-Fi can be slow and unreliable, which is why it is better to switch to Ethernet for fixed devices such as your TV or desktop.

Ethernet is faster, less susceptible to interference, and is not blocked by walls or floors. Running the Ethernet cables you need to all your fixed devices can be tedious and time-consuming, but the reliability and faster speeds you get will make it worth it.

Making a few changes and knowing how to access the content genres you enjoy most faster can make a significant difference to your streaming experience. If you invest in a new router, ensure it is robust enough to give you great speeds for a long time.