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This page, the words appearing on this page are considered content. The whole design, every dot of this particular page is content. The font color, the background color, the size of the fonts, the images being used, the animation being played – all part of the content. Imagine an industry dominating all screen space, let conscience be the judge of the career and employment prospects of the future. Yes, content writing is a relatively new industry, which is why it offers all the more scope for expansion into the next decade and century.

My take on the view that AI will replace content writers in the future? A dumber thought had not been heard before.

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Content writing is a booming industry and there is literally no room for monotony in this industry. When write well, a content writing agency in Ahmedabad, started in 2016, there were only a few in India, but as time went on, the competition became stiff. That’s the specific reason why every year this industry sees new faces and aspirants eager to get involved – to give up their careers in a dogmatic procedure and finally indulge in content creation and writing. Content writing isn’t just about typing words and phrases, it’s also about connecting with the customer, the customer, and the topic or product the content is intended for.

This art of framing indulgent content is essentially no child’s play. The world is slowly understanding the efficiency of content as we engage with data and human psychology. Finally starting to treat customers like people and not a unanimous body, business novices have realized the importance of targeting the emotions of the masses. In a digital setup of things, what else but content, even if presented in an audiovisual format, could connect with the masses? Expect content writing to see huge success and fame in the future. The relationship between business, entrepreneurship and content is directly proportional, and neither of the first two sees any extinction in the short term.

Today, figures say that students from various backgrounds of academic pursuits such as BTech, BSc, BA, BCom, MBA, M Tech, MSc, MA and many more have taken refuge in this industry, and are satisfied with their position as they are given the freedom of thought, creativity and creation combined in the complex and challenging task of putting it together in a single line with a linear thought path.

Like data analytics, content writing has also made its way into every industry. Now that the industry is selling a product or a service, it is imperative that each objective is properly defined. Below is a list of job openings and industries that will provide double the number of content writer submissions in the future.

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media industry

The press was once the main agency for content writing. While it was heavily based on news and article writing, the roles have been reversed. The style of presenting news has changed and the newspaper is more about commercials and less about news. Nevertheless, the media industry also includes the visual media as each of them needs writers to write scripts for programs. So there is no room for the press to die out in the future, nor would news channels come to a standstill in a democratic world. Therefore, that would always be an open door. Being able to do close research and frame the basic phrasing in sentences is enough to get you on the job. And having SEO knowledge is the icing on the cake.

IT industry

Writing IT content, or commonly known as writing technical content, is a common career pursuit for IT aspirants who are tired of the chicken race in the IT industry. They follow these jobs, and while they may not pay as high as IT posts these days, the value of writers will most likely skyrocket soon. Without writers and content designers, their products or services could never be sold or marketed in the industry as any product requires some dialogue to get the idea across. The content writer should address the issues the service addresses, explain how it solves the problem, and provide valuable information for that.

It is a complete solution for anything that wants to convey a particular idea, such as a translator from technology to humanity. This does require the individual to be aware of the patterns of the industry, the trends of the IT market, subtle knowledge of the subject of writing and also the genre of work being assigned. With these skills, a person can be a successful IT content writer, a position for which mass recruitment is very common.

Marketing an e-commerce industry

The most important market for a creative and innovative content writer lies within this domain. Ecommerce websites have generated employment on a large scale and one sector that is significantly affected is that of content. Content writing and content marketing took a giant leap forward as every product required content descriptions and content-based marketing for sales. Thus, both types of content writers were employed to formulate compelling content and marketing strategies, and these markets will only expand in the coming future. The extinction of physical markets would lead to these sites becoming more popular every day with an influx of products. The pay would also skyrocket.

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A content writer’s early retirement plan, freelancing, is the most important and the hardest state of a content writer to achieve. This is the ultimate goal of every content writer and they strive to achieve this expertise so that their work can speak for itself. A freelance writer can work for all industries or choose a niche industry – the choice is a luxury. While the former has more work, the latter has satisfaction and satisfaction, which is what most writers look for in his work. Money knows no bounds here, and learning is also unfathomable.

With the tools of ghostwriting, academic content writing and more and more steadily, this industry is looking at a huge upswing in the near future, one that is very rosy and finally recognizing its importance. Hopefully that day is closer than expected.

Shreya Christina
Shreya has been with for 3 years, writing copy for client websites, blog posts, EDMs and other mediums to engage readers and encourage action. By collaborating with clients, our SEO manager and the wider team, Shreya seeks to understand an audience before creating memorable, persuasive copy.

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