That time I was reincarnated as slime, police in a pod and more

Kodansha manga nominations.
Kodansha 26 manga awards nominees. Photo credit: Kodansha

The famous mangas, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime and Police In A Pod, received the 46th Kodansha Manga Awards in 2022.

This was revealed on May 11, 2022 by the publishing powerhouse. A Couple of Cuckoos and Sousou no Frieren were also among the fourteen mangas selected (sometimes called finalists) for the 46th Kodansha Manga Awards.

Following the announcement of the list, there was a wave of anime activity on Twitter and Reddit. The winners for each category were announced on May 11 by Kodansha 46th manga awards,

The Kodansha manga awards are divided into three categories: Shonen, Shojo and General.

Award for Best Shonen Manga

That time I was reincarnated as slime

That time I was reincarnated as an official slime poster.
That time I was reincarnated as an official slime poster. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

Creator: Fuse, Yasuki Kawakami and Mitz Vah.

Magazine: Shonen Sirius (Kodansha)

Summary: Mikami’s middle years did not go as planned; he never got a girlfriend, he got caught up in a dead-end career, after which he was stabbed to death in the street at the age of 37. When he then awakens to a new world from a fantasy RPG, he is upset but not shocked to discover that he is not a knight or wizard, but has instead been transformed into a blind, wobbly slime monster.

Maybe a slime has the potential to become a hero…

The following works were nominated in the Best Shonen Manga category:

  • Miki Yoshikawas A few cuckoos (Weekly Shonen Magazine)
  • Rina Hard & Ryosuke Fujis Shangri-La Frontier (Weekly Shonen Magazine)
  • Kanehito Yamada & Abe Tsukasa’s Sousou no Frieren (Weekly Shnen Sunday)
  • Fuse, Yasuki Kawakami, Mitz Vah’s That time I was reincarnated as slime (Monthly Shonen Sirius)

Award for Best Shojo Manga

Nina the star bride

Nina the Star Bride - Manga vol 5 cover.
Nina the Star Bride – Manga volume 5 cover. Photo credit: Kodansha

Creator: Rikachi

Magazine: be love (Kodansha)

Summary: Nina had a rough start in life, stole to survive – and was eventually sold into slavery by her brother. To her surprise, her captor, Prince Azure, decreed that she would live the life of a princess…particularly that of the recently deceased princess-priestess, Alisha.

But despite her changing fortunes, Nina won’t give up her old life without a fight… and Azure may just be the one who can finally match her wits. However, her trust in Azure is not much. And can she put the feelings in her heart, knowing that she will eventually have to marry someone else…?

The following mangas were shortlisted in the Best Shojo category:

  • Mika Yamamori’s Uruwashi no Yoi no tsuki (dessert)
  • RIKACHIs Nina the star bride (BE. LOVE)
  • Suu Morishitas A sign of affection (Dessert)
  • Rito Kohsaka & Akumi Agitogis My happy marriage (Gangan Online)

Award for Best General Manga

Police in a Pod

Police in a Pod anime protagonist.
Police in a Pod anime protagonist. Photo credit: Studio Madhouse

Magazine: Morning (Kodansha)

Creator: Miko Yasu Magazine: Morning (Kodansha)

Synopsis: Kawai, a female police officer, was fed up with a job she didn’t like and was about to surrender her registration when the unimaginable happened – she met the new female head of her agency! After spending some time with this beautiful role model, Kawai discovers that she is not quite finished with her career as an officer.

The following six mangas were nominated for the general category:

  • Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyarois Oshi no Ko (Weekly young jump)
  • Misaki Takamatsu’s Skip and Loafer (Monthly afternoon)
  • uotos Chi.: Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite (Weekly Big Comic Spirits)
  • Miko Yasu’s Police in a Pod (Morning)
  • Uoyamas Yankee-Kun and the White Reed Girl (Manga Hack)
  • Asukia Konishis Yakuza Fiance: Raise wa Tanin ga ii (Afternoon)

History of Kodansha Manga Awards

The Kodansha Manga Prize (講談社漫画賞, Kōdansha Manga Shō) is an annual award presented by the publisher Kodansha for serialized manga released in the previous year. Currently there are three categories for it: shōnen, shōjo and general.

The awards were first held in 1977, with categories for shōnen and shōjo. The general category received its first prize in 1982, while the children’s section received its first prize in 2003. In addition, the children’s category was integrated into the shōnen and shōjo categories from 2015 onwards.

blue lock by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura received the 45th Kodansha Manga Award for Best Shōnen Manga (2021). Also, A condition called love by Megumi Morino won best shōjo manga. Yuria Sensei no Akai Ito from Kiwa Irie won the overall best manga category.

What do you think of the 46th Kodansha Awards? Do you also agree with the winners of the different categories? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.