SUSE Expands Cloud-Native Kubernetes Offering

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SUSE, a cloud-native security provider, today announced the launch of two of its acquired platforms: container security solution NeuVector and open source container management platform Rancher. The launch furthers its ambition to provide a fully integrated cloud-native platform that enables users to design, deploy and easily secure Kubernetes applications while accelerating their digital transformation.

Today, companies that require a lot of computing and storage are moving to cloud infrastructures. Businesses that need more security are increasingly adapting their infrastructure to become cloud-native. According to Fei Huang, VP of security strategy at SUSE, security has become a critical necessity for both users and businesses using cloud-native workloads.

NeuVector 5.0 is a Kubernetes-specific end-to-end security solution that enables enterprises to quickly deploy security in cloud-native environments. NeuVector aims to minimize the technical expertise and time required to develop and maintain a secure infrastructure, whether securing a single Kubernetes cluster or deploying security for hundreds of clusters.

The downside of devops is that the high speed it encourages ignores security. The answer is to integrate security protocols and procedures into the devops process. NeuVector can now be used to add security controls to the devops pipeline, manage vulnerability scans and compliance checks, add admission control policies for staging or production deployment, implement zero-trust security controls, and prohibit malicious behavior in real time.

Container Security with NeuVector 5.0

During the forecast period from 2021 to 2026, the Container Security Market is estimated at a CAGR of more than 27%. A large number of open source suppliers are now supplying container platforms due to the sharp increase in cyber attacks and vulnerabilities. Vulnerability management, compliance monitoring, event monitoring, and post-analysis are all provided by such container platforms, as well as runtime security through unique network visibility and protection that can prevent any suspicious application behavior.

NeuVector 5.0 is an open source cloud native security platform. It is NeuVector’s first product release as part of SUSE since the acquisition. The company claims that NeuVector will provide open source solutions to customers and enhance NeuVector’s zero-trust controls with unique security features

Greg Muscarella, general manager, enterprise container management, SUSE, said the company’s biggest competitors are, in fact, enterprises that are not implementing a security solution for their Kubernetes environment. †[We] Bring together the complete container lifecycle solution from vulnerability scanning to runtime security to auditing that can be deployed anywhere Kubernetes is running,” said Muscarella.

Smart cloud solutions that use intelligence to build containers are increasingly adopted. The intelligence will not only build the container, but also apply security, compliance, and other applicable controls, and manage the container’s health. NeuVector 5.0 says it is introducing a number of important new features aimed at simplifying and automating security measures in a production environment. One example is the zero-drift security feature, which provides a new layer of intelligent protection by recognizing and stopping malicious processes and malicious executables.

Web application firewall (WAF) with configurable sensors is also included in NeuVector 5.0, which the company says can be customized to apply WAF policies to active containers, namespaces, or specified service groups. It also includes security and data loss prevention (DLP) policies, written in code to assist WAF. In addition, automatic security mode switching will fully automate behavior learning to protection.

Hybrid platform for Kubernetes

SUSE’s commitment to introducing new security capabilities into the Kubernetes container ecosystem continues with the release of NeuVector 5.0, which focuses on automating security operations to reduce the complexity of security measures.

SUSE NeuVector 5.0 works with SUSE Rancher and can be deployed, managed and upgraded using any container management platform, such as Amazon EKS, IBM IKS, Microsoft AKS, Google GKE or vanilla Kubernetes. According to the company, the Rancher connection allows customers to manage security directly through the company’s container management platform.

Rancher users can now access and control NeuVector directly from the SUSE Rancher console as part of the SUSE Rancher 2.6.5 release. This gives the globally distributed Kubernetes settings the advantage of a zero-trust stack, which simplifies security management. Rancher empowers customers to confidently deploy their apps on Kubernetes, helping operators deliver mission-critical applications with an enhanced cloud-native security approach.

“As container security concerns grow, our customers can rely on SUSE to provide a complete solution that improves security throughout the Kubernetes lifecycle,” said Greg. Greg added that SUSE NeuVector will help organizations increase their security against emerging cyber threats in any location without compromising developer flexibility and innovation, as it builds on the tradition of SUSE Linux Enterprise and integrates effortlessly with SUSE Rancher .

SUSE says it plans to continue developing and expanding zero-trust controls to help customers migrate to a more proactive approach to security. “We are committed to expanding our ideas and platform integrations, including Rancher. We’re also committed to being open, which means joining open source communities, learning from them, sharing what we’ve learned, and helping make the cloud a safer place to collaborate,” said Muscarella.

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