SPY x FAMILY Loid Forger Art Models Sexy Twilight For Anan Magazine

Twilight Lood Forger Sexy
A sexy Lood Forger graces the cover of Anan magazine. Photo credit: Comic Natalie

SPY x FAMILY’s new cover art for Anan magazine showcases the beauty of Loid.

Launching within the spring 2022 anime calendar, the SPY x FAMILY anime has quickly taken over the anime discourse. This is largely due to how appealing Loid Forger is. The secret agent graces the face of a fun new magazine publication, which puts Agent Twilight in the spotlight.

Tatsuya Endo’s original manga franchise was huge in its own right. But thanks to the success of the official anime adaptation exposing fans to the distinctive members of the primary family unit, it has now become an entirely new type of juggernaut.

If you’re looking to catch up on the Spy x Family anime run, Crunchyroll now has the series available to stream.

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The Forger Family, Spy x Family new album cover.
The photo of the Forger family. Photo credit: WIT Studio

Spy x Family’s New Magazine Cover Art

Twilight’s transformation into a father is very popular with viewers. That trend is expected to continue as the anime continues to feature new episodes. Loid is now the subject of special new cover art for the Japanese women’s magazine pineapple† This shows off even more of its casual good looks that have made each new episode all the more appealing.

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Check out the exclusive cover art below, which was posted to Twitter:

SPYxFAMILY Loid Forger Sexy
The full size of Anan’s magazine. Photo credit: Comic Natalie

SPY x FAMILY Episode 5 ED Music Video Trailer

SPY x FAMILY premiered a new theme song during the spectacular events of Episode 5. To commemorate the occasion, the series released a unique new music video for the theme! In SPY x FAMILY Episode 5, Anya and the Forger Family had a little party playing “Loidman” in honor of her admission to Eden Academy.

The animation crew took this opportunity to create a huge backdrop with the best action the series has ever seen. At the same time, it debuted a new theme song, “TBD”, sung by (K)NoW NAME† The anime has published a unique new video to commemorate the release of this new single! You can see it here:


As the series progresses, the massive set pieces seen in SPY x FAMILY Episode 5 are unlikely to be repeated. However, when Anya invades the Eden Academy and thus advances Twilight’s main Operation Strix objective, there will be plenty of action.

However, if this new theme and the episode in general is any indication, even the tiniest events from the manga can be turned into massive new events through the production of the anime.

What are your thoughts? What do you really think of Loid in the anime so far? What do you think of the new SPY x FAMILY album cover? What have been some of your favorite moments so far? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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