PS5 console covers will be available in June in three new galactic colors

The PlayStation 5 is getting three new console cover colors – starlight blue, galactic purple, and nova pink – on June 17, but preorders are open on Playstation Direct now. All three colors are available in the US, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Sony has been slowly releasing accessories to make its PS5 more customizable, starting with the custom console covers it announced last December. Despite previewing a full color range, it only released the black and red options to begin with. It’s also rolled out blue, pink, and purple DualSense controllers (in addition to the black and red controllers it already has), which will finally have matching console covers this summer.

The PlayStation covers are quite easy to remove and replace† Adding a new color can give your console a more personal touch if you’re tired of the standard white and black look. Plus, you can mix and match them if you want (but with a price tag of $54.99 per cover, customization isn’t that cheap).

Last year, Sony threatened legal action against Dbrand after it released its matte black PS5 console covers from third parties ahead of Sony’s own release, citing design infringement. After Dbrand pulled the design off the store, it promptly released a new set with a new look.