Polestar invests in fast charging technology that promises 160 km range in 5 minutes

The EV industry is striving to develop fast-charging batteries that will make range fears a thing of the past – and it looks like whoever gets there first will have an enviable advantage.

On Tuesday, Polestar officially threw in its hat, to announce its investment in the Israeli battery manufacturer StoreDot

To make extremely fast charging (XFC) batteries, StoreDot used two different techniques.

First, it replaced the conventional graphite in the battery’s anode with silicon nanoparticles synthesized along with proprietary small-molecule organic compounds.

The company says this mix removes silicon’s inherent challenges, such as its expansion during charge cycles and subsequent energy loss.

Second, StoreDot developed a hybrid-solid electrolyte, which creates a flow of low-resistance ions between the electrodes of the battery, increasing the energy density.

Impressively, the company expects its batteries to deliver 100 miles of charge in five minutes by 2024, three minutes by 2028 and in just a few seconds. two minutes by 2032 – imagine living in that EV era!

As part of its partnership with Polestar, StoreDot will adapt and apply its technology to the brand’s proof-of-concept EVs. Provided that the pilot program is successful, StoreDot will place its fast-charging batteries in Polestars by 2026.

So if you’ve been looking forward to Polestar 3, now you have something to look forward to.