Pokemon Journey’s latest returning champions, Steven and Alain, have been hyped in a new poster

Pokemon Monsters Visually Released
Pokemon monsters have been released visually. Photo credit: IMDB

Pokemon’s latest returning champions are hyped in a newly released poster of a popular Japanese magazine.

Pokémon Journeys brings some great players back to the world’s coronation series. This exciting news came from the release of special new posters in Japan. This created hype for the definitive return of these champions, Steven and Alain. They will also participate in the final tournament.

The series is preparing for its final climatic tournament that will see the best players from around the world participate. Ash Ketchum will compete against many players he has previously matched in the Pokemon series as he moves up the tournament.

The last returning champions of Pokemon in the tournament

The World Coronation series Masterclass finally features Ash as one of the members of the Masters Eight in the recent episode. This group consists of the eight best Pokémon Trainers in the world. Some returning champions will also be included and have been hinted at with the release of the new posters in Japan by Pash Magazine

We saw Steven and Alain with their Pokémon as part of the final lineup for the tournament. Other players who give hints are Leon as the Monarch, Cynthia in Rank two, and Lance in Rank 4.

Pokemon Newly Released Tournament Poster
Pokemon newly released tournament poster. Pic Credit: Pic Credit: Pash Magazine

Alain and Steven return to the anime, ranked as the sixth and third trainers of the masterclass. Steven will represent Hoenn as Hoenn’s champion. However, there is still speculation about Alain’s return as he will not represent Kalos as the champion of Kalos. This position is already taken by Dianthe, who is in fifth place in the Masterclass. Alain is the only non-champion in the tournament and that is an unexpected twist in the series. However, excitement builds among fans when Ash and Alain might get their long-awaited rematch.

Pokemon Journeys World Coronation Series

The new version of Pokémon Journeys was the most exciting in the series as Ash travels the world. He does this with his newest companion Goh. During his journey, he meets old friends and fights old adversaries. He also explores every last region introduced in the anime so far.

The final tournament is no exception, as Ash is reintroduced to old champions as he moves up the ranks. The tournament is divided into four ranks; Normal Class, Grand Class, Ultra Class and Master Class. In addition, Regardless of their skills, Trainers will start from the Normal class and move up to compete with other Trainers in higher ranks as they progress through the competition.

The top eight trainers of the Master Class will compete in a final tournament and the winner will be awarded the title of “Monarch”. Leon has the current title of Monarch, he is the Pokémon champion of Galar. Ash decides to enter the World Coronation Series in hopes of winning an official rematch with Leon to help him achieve more in his goal of becoming a Pokémon Master.

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