Moon Knight Head Writer Confirms Marc Spector Wasn’t Dusted By Thanos’ Snap And Was Fighting Criminal During The Blip

We are here to talk about the other update given on the Moon Knight by its lead writer and everyone is talking about it. Moon Knight stood out for making a good impression in the industry with the amazing storyline that everyone found fascinating and mentioning the part the show got after a strong response from the audience while mentioning that another question popped up under the fans on the internet and although it also received attention from the authorities at the time.

The viewers looked curious to learn more about the character and also what happened at the end of Avengers: Endgame† The discussions were conducted by stating that it seemed inevitable for every TV show to talk about the fact that every single show in the MCU should address the situation of a blip in one form or another.

Moon Knight was active in activities during the time of the snap

The big scenario that happened in Avengers: Endgame and where Thanos was behind those actions at the time cost everyone a lot with the blip as it also depicted how Thanos bit more than half of human life and also everyone who miraculously dusted but also returned after five years and thanks to the Avengers at this point.

It is also considered to be the biggest scenario to ever take place in the timeline and although it also casts a large shadow on the present and future of the MCU. Moon Knight, on the other hand, stood out as a big and famous title that also didn’t bother to talk about the bigger MCU events taking place and this was due to the part the creators didn’t think it needed to be portrayed on the screens .

The Moon Knight writers also had an in-depth discussion as there was no need to be portrayed on the screens and so Jeremy Slater, the Moon Knight lead writer, was also asked questions about what happened to Marc Spector during the blip and that he replied that the personality had not been dusted during the five-year period.

The writer also stated that everyone was having great discussions in the room and decided that he was one of the 50% of all lives who survived the blip otherwise he would have dealt with the situation and furthermore mention that he would also have to solve it by time . The character, on the other hand, has had to deal with a lot from his past as he doesn’t have time to handle the situation in any form, according to the lead writer. Slater on the other hand also stated that Marc along with Moon Knight would have been very active during the period of the blip and that the experiences could be put forward in relation to that of the hawk eye