MacBook Keyboard Replacement Guide

When it comes to MacBook keyboard replacement, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to take out the battery and the bottom cover of your computer. This will allow you to connect the new keyboard for testing. Make sure the new part of the keyboard fits properly in the machine. Sometimes, the new part does not fit properly and you may need to disassemble the entire machine before you can replace it, so we suggest contacting a MacBook repair specialist if you are not sure how.

Space bar key cap fails to retain stiffening wires

Your MacBook keyboard may have a problem with the Space bar key cap failing to retain its stiffening wires. Over time, the plastic retainer points on the key cap fail to hold the stiffening wires in place. Thankfully, the problem can be easily fixed without disassembling your keyboard.

To begin, open your MacBook’s screen to a 45-degree angle. Next, locate the space bar by pressing lightly on the center bottom of the keyboard. The space bar will pivot slightly. Then, place a flat-head screwdriver underneath the upper-left corner of the space bar. Make sure that the handle is facing the screen. The screwdriver should fit snugly into the metal hook underneath the space bar.

Space bar key cap snaps straight on

If the space bar key cap on your MacBook keyboard snapped off, it’s probably time to replace it. These keys contain metal wires and require special care. Fortunately, the key cap is easily replaceable. First, remove the keycap from the keys. Then, slide the keycap back into place with a flat eyeglass screwdriver.

The plastic retainer points on the space bar key cap can become damaged over time. Then, they can no longer keep the stiffening wires. This means that the space bar will no longer snap straight on your MacBook keyboard. Luckily, you can easily fix this problem without having to disassemble the entire keyboard.

To replace a keycap on your MacBook, you should first know which side clicks. The space bar, the arrow keys, and the alphanumeric keys have hinge points on the left and right sides. Make sure to pull the keycap away from the keycap’s side so it doesn’t snap straight.

MacBook keyboard connector flips over top locking latch

The MacBook keyboard connector is positioned near the upper right corner of the laptop. Typically, the connector is attached by a locking latch on top of the connector. In order to flip it over, you will need to use a non-metallic tool, such as a “Spudger” or similar tool. It is important to hold the retainer in place as you flip it over. If the retainer is too loose, it may snap off.

MacBook keyboards arrive bent

If your MacBook keyboard replacement guide arrives bent, you need to take immediate action to fix it. The first thing you need is a small flathead screwdriver. Next, you’ll need a paper clip or small spudger. You can also use compressed air to remove the debris from under the keys.

Alternatively, you can take it to an Apple Store and get a replacement. You can also purchase a replacement keycap at the Apple store. This should save you money and time. But if you don’t know how to replace them, it’s still best to consult the guide to ensure you’re getting the right replacement parts.

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