Jojo Part 9 RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED Araki, all updates

It has been officially announced and we can expect Jojo Part 9 in mid-2022. But right now we can say that the title is JOJO: Lands

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures has been around for over 3 decades now and it is probably the most loved manga and also Anime around the world. The weebs and Anime love know and already have it on their list. Now Jojo Anime has been around for a long time and with that it continues to release new parts of the anime where there is always a new protagonist and this time they recently aired Jojo: Stone Ocean from January 8th you can watch it on popular streaming platform or service that is located in your country.

The author of the series Hirohiko Araki just turned 61, but the legendary writer and illustrator shows no signs of slowing down; with new reactions creating a maelstrom of excitement online! So, is the Jojo Part 9 on its way? Let’s find out.

So what is Jojo Part 9 called first of all?

Jojo Part 9 is called JOJO LANDS part 9 is still in the early stages so there will be more to come, but as of now we only have the name some details. Fans have shared all the information about the 9th part and it is still very early in development, hopefully we can hear a little more detail about it in a few months.

Will Jojo Part 9 be the last part of JOJO?

The manga is much further compared to Anime, but fans can also read the manga to know the latest story, but it will not be on the same level as anime. we’ll talk about anime because the last installment released in December 2021 was JoJo: Stone Ocean. The last part is available to watch on Netflix and it will air in Japan from January.

When will Jojo Part 9 be released?

Well, as of now it’s official that it’s here, but it looks like you can expect Jojo part 9 to be announced in mid-2022. But at this point we can say that the title is JOJO: Lands. It leaves us the opportunity to discuss what it is about. Is it the new power of is it the new kind of thrill that has already been developed before it is released.

When can you catch up on Anime and Manga?

Well, there are many ways to catch it if you just google about it, but to save your time, we recommend that you read it after buying it and don’t visit any sites that are illegal to view it.

One way is to simply subscribe to Netflix’s subscription, other popular sites that charge a small fee to read a manga. If you’re wondering what order to watch the series in. The correct watch order for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders (which has two seasons), Diamond is Unbreakable and the most recent anime season, Golden Wind.

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