Is Cartoon Network coming back with another season?

It’s been over a year since the first season of Elliott From Earth premiered on Cartoon Network. In the first season, viewers saw the young boy Elliott and his mother Frankie exploring space in search of meteorites, along with the dinosaur named Mo. After the end of the first season, fans have been waiting for the return of the show with Elliott from Earth Season 2. So let’s discuss what we know about it.

When is Elliot From Earth Season 2 Coming?

The first season of the animated space adventure series Elliott From Earth premiered on Cartoon Network from March 29 to April 9, 2021 in the United States. Meanwhile, there has been no official announcement from the creators or the network regarding the show’s renewal or cancellation.

Elliott from Earth Season 2

However, the first season of the show has become popular with the public. So the chances of it returning with Elliott From Earth season 2 are high. We expect the show to be refreshed by the network soon. But it should be borne in mind that this is just our speculation at this point. And nothing has been confirmed yet. Fans will therefore have to play the waiting game for a while before the picture becomes clear.

What to expect from Elliott From Earth Season 2?

In the first season of the series, 11-year-old Elliott accompanied his mother Frankie, a geologist, on a mission to find meteorites on Earth. They did this so Frankie could analyze a 65-million-year-old rock with a nuclear fusion that seems to come from outer space. One night, the two unknowingly reinforce the rock. Show how humanity can turn into a transport orb and shoot into space. They are transported by the sphere to the other side of the universe. And land on the Centrium, a huge space station. The dup encountered a dinosaur named Mo there and eventually lost the rock in the remote biosphere.

Elliott from Earth Season 2

Before heading into town at the Centrium, the group came across a new house. They began to explore their new environment and met the aliens that lived there. When the series returns with Elliot From Earth season 2, the story continues after the events of the first season. In the next season, the mother-son duo will embark on their new adventures as they explore more alien space.

Who is in the cast for the second season?

Elliott from Earth Season 2

The voice cast of the Cartoon Network cartoon series features Samuel Faraci as Elliott. Noah Kaye Bentley lends his voice to Mo and Naomi McDonald stands behind Frankie’s character. Meanwhile, the voice cast also includes Sil Van Der Zwan as Elliot. And Ashton Leon Frank provides his voice for Invisa Bill’s character.

Furthermore, there are other cast members on the show, including David Baddiel, Saul Berryman, Gyles Brandreth, Maria Teresa Creasey and Simon Day. If the series is relaunched for Elliot From Earth Season 2, there’s a good chance the lead voice cast members will return for the roles. On the other hand, there may also be some new cast members in the next season.

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