IM Academy Plans Croatia Meeting for September

Online educational platform IM Academy celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, it’s holding both a virtual summit and an in-person gathering. Celebrate Summit took place virtually from July 27-29. It will be followed by BreakThrough, a three-day meeting of educators, students, and independent business owners in Zagreb, Croatia, from Sept. 7-10.

IM Academy has expanded in recent years. It was founded in 2013 as an online resource for foreign exchange (forex) market education. In the ensuing decade, the small New York company has become a multilingual community of educators and students covering several financial markets. 

It’s sought to grow beyond financial education, recently branching into social media marketing and e-commerce. Individuals involved with the Academy began staging events shortly after its establishment, and it has ramped up the frequency of these occasions as has grown internationally, buoyed by increases in IM Academy membership in countries like Italy, France, Germany, and Spain.

The live events are organized to provide an opportunity for a primarily online community to network and learn in person. They include keynote addresses from business leaders who have implemented the models and the educational approach developed over IM Academy’s 10-year history.

Celebrate Summit

The Celebrate Summit highlighted the evolution of IM Academy’s educational programs, which still foreground the forex market, but now include emerging markets such as e-commerce and cryptocurrency. The most recent additions to the Academy’s repertoire are social media marketing, and a travel and lifestyle platform.

The pedagogical approach at IM Academy has also evolved over the decade, and it now aims to strike a balance between self-paced learning and live interactive sessions. Last year, it introduced IMpulse, a digital tool that aims to distill complex financial market charts into easy-to-follow visualizations. In line with the Academy’s broader philosophy, IMpulse was designed to cut through the noise and offer a clearer understanding of financial market trends.

BreakThrough Croatia 

BreakThrough, one of multiple live events in 2023 for IM Academy, is set to follow the success of previous years’ gatherings, including IM Beyond in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and IM Elevate in Orlando, Florida. In 2022, the Academy also organized events in Barcelona, Spain; Palm Beach, Florida; Phoenix; and Zurich. In the same year, co-founder and CEO Chris Terry embarked on an extensive speaking tour across Europe.

For IM Academy, face-to-face interactions foster a supportive educational and business community. Terry, who is often the keynote speaker at these events, stresses the significance of mentorship and strong connections.

These gatherings can also serve as a venue for the unveiling of new academies for the company as it seeks to ride the wave of interest in online education post-COVID. For example, the 2022 Phoenix event witnessed the introduction of the SFX Academy for stocks and futures. It also hosted a keynote by renowned financial analyst Carolyn Boroden, known as the “Fibonacci Queen” for her work in chart analysis.

Despite IM Academy’s recent growth, FRX (forex) and DCX (digital currency) remain the flagship offerings. The company has maintained its focus on providing tools and educational content for those interested in these dynamic financial markets. The recent addition of TBX (a general time-based approach that could apply to both FRX and DCX) and SFX (stocks and futures) further illustrates a commitment to equipping its students with a comprehensive understanding of chart-based approaches to market engagement.

For Terry, the blend of live mentorship and virtual GoLive sessions distinguishes IM Academy in the competitive online education field. He encourages learners to establish a daily routine and surround themselves with those who support their pursuit of learning. He also stresses the importance of setting long-term goals and consistently working towards achieving them. 

Note: IM Mastery Academy is not an advisory or broker service. IM Mastery Academy provides online educational services only.