‘I really live the best life ever’

If Elon Musk has taught the world anything, it’s that the things in life that other people think are impossible, certainly aren’t, and after starting Tesla at age 32, he showed that age is just a number is when it comes to achieving career milestones.

Jason Mendez | Stringer | Getty Images

Well, it seems the billionaire learned this from his mother, Maye Musk… Illustrated Sports announced Monday that the 74-year-old model would grace the cover of the coveted version of the company Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition for 2022.

“I thought age wouldn’t be a problem, because as a dietitian and scientist, age isn’t an issue. I’m just so happy that people actually book me for conversations about ageism and how to feel good about yourself at any age,” Musk told SI in its cover function. “I’m also very proud to be able to give a message to women in the world to strive for happiness, do things you love, hang out with nice people, be nice to everyone because you never know and chase what you want To do I really live the best life ever, and I never expected it.”

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Musk joins the ranks from Kim Kardashian, musician Ciara and model Yumi Nu in the four editions of the 2022 cover.

The mother of Elon (50), Kimball (49) and Tosca (47) started modeling at the age of 15, but started making her biggest breakthroughs in the industry after she reached the milestone of 60 – something she contributes ​​​​by her gray hair that developed later in her life.

To name a few of her achievements in later life: the model (and dietitian) posed nude for the cover of New York Magazine in 2011, CoverGirl’s oldest spokeswoman starred in Beyonce’s music video for . in 2017 at age 69 bewitched in 2014 and ran for the first time during New York Fashion Week in 2015 for Malan Breton.

But when asked, Musk will still say that being a mom is the performance she’s most proud of.

“I am most proud of my three children; of course,” Musk said† “I’m very excited about everything they do.”

Elon and his mother got out together earlier this month when he took her as his date to this year’s Met Gala, much to the surprise and delight of many on the red carpet.

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Tosca, Musk’s youngest and only daughter, wrote an essay for: Illustrated Sports in honor of her mother and the milestone coverage, calling her the “most fearless woman” and an “irrepressible force.”

“My goal is to empower women. My oldest brother, Elon, is all about humanity, making sure we survive. My middle brother, Kimbal, is all about food transparency, making sure people understand their own health,” Musk wrote about her siblings† “I think my mother inspired us to do all those things. Today she rarely misses a chance to fly in and support us personally at our events around the world.”

Maye Musk’s net worth is: an estimated $20 million.