How To Prevent iOS Photos App From Showing Your Ex Photos

Imagine: you have a beautiful day, the weather is beautiful, you enjoyed a wonderful breakfast… and suddenly your iPhone shows a photo memory with your ex to accidentally ruin your day.

Why, you ask, cursing heaven, must this happen to you? Well, Apple’s Photos app has a Memories feature that shows you algorithmically curated collections of photos and videos — based on various factors, such as dates, vacations, or places you’ve visited.

These reminders can appear via a notification, or you can view some collections in the For you section of the Photos app. And sometimes they include people you don’t want to see anymore.

If you want a person to appear less often (or not at all) in your Memories, you can do that simply:

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to a photo with the person whose photos you want to avoid.
  • Tap the Share button in the lower left corner.
  • Scroll down and select the Attribute this/one less person option.

Show one person less

  • You can select: Show this person less or Never show this person

Show this person less

You are done! Now you will not often see that person in your photo memories.

Moreover, you can also do this for certain places or dates. Go to the For you section of the app, tap the three-dot menu of a memory and select Function Less…

You can also hide certain days and places from Reminders