How To Buy An EV Charging Cable: A Complete Buying Guide

How To Buy An EV Charging Cable: A Complete Buying Guide
How To Buy An EV Charging Cable: A Complete Buying Guide

Buying a suitable EV charging cable is necessary for smooth EV charging. However, picking the right one is not as easy as you may think. You need to take care of plenty of things to get a durable and compatible EV charging cable for a hassle-free charging experience. Have a look at this guide to learn about all the crucial elements that you must consider while buying the right cable! 

Top Elements To Consider While Buying An EV Charging Cable

Type Of Cable

When it comes to EV cables, the type depends on the vehicle inlet. There are two types namely, Type 1 and Type 2 EV charging cables that you can use to charge your vehicle at the charging stations. The Type 2 is the prevalent one and is found in the latest cars. So, when you are buying a cable for your EV, make sure it is a Type 2. Type 1 charger is less common and found only in a few cars. 


There are four different modes for EV cables. Let us discuss everything in detail. 

Mode 1

The mode 1 cables are not in use now as they are outdated.

Mode 2

The mode 2 cables are pretty common and come with most of the EVs. They feature a regular plug at one end and a type 1 or type 2 connector at the other one. There will be an ICCB in the middle of the cable. These cables are meant to be used in emergency situations commonly. 

Mode 3

It is the modern standard for regular EV charging at home and charging stations. You should opt for this cable to charge your EV at any facility without any issues. You can type mode 3 charging stations Orlando on the map or the dedicated EV app to find the stations and charge your EV with the correct cable.

Mode 4

This type is found at roadside chargers and they are not available as loose cables so you cannot buy them. 


The EV cables come in several length variations between 4 meters to 10 meters. The choice of the length of the cable depends on your usage, needs, and preferences. 

A long cable will give you more flexibility but it will be heavier, expensive, and a little difficult to manage. So, if you are not in dire need of a long cable, then a short one will cater to your needs properly. 

Amp And Kilowatt Rating 

If you have owned an EV for a long time, then you must come across the Amp, kW rating, and phase type of the cable. However, if you have switched to an EV recently, then all these elements can be a little confusing. Well, don’t worry. We will explain everything properly. There are two phase cables namely phase 1 and phase 3. Phase 3 cable can work as phase 1 but not vice-versa. 

If you want to enjoy the fastest charging through the charging system then figure out its capacity and pick a cable with a capacity equal to or more than the capacity of the charger. 

Ergonomic design

You should pick an EV cable that comes with an ergonomic design so it is easy to handle and provides a better grip. A stable grip will avoid any sudden slips and prevent any unfortunate accidents. 

Cable quality

There are several perks of getting a high-quality cable instead of a low-quality one. The former ones have high durability and better resistance against regular wear and tear. You can use them in all seasons. The low-quality ones get stiff as the temperature drops which makes it difficult for the users to manage the cable. 

Well, the high-quality cables remain flexible even in low temperatures so that you can bend them easily and charge the EV without any hassle. Moreover, they feature a cap at the connector end to protect them from dirt, water, and other foreign substances. 

Pick The Right Accessories 

You should opt for the right strap, bracket, or bag for your EV cable so that you can store it easily and carry it around without going through any complex process. You can coil the cable and hang it in your garage safely in your home with the strap. The bag will allow you to keep your cable safe in the car and avoid any unnecessary movement when you drive your EV. 

The Bottom Line

By now, you must be aware of all the top considerations to buy a suitable EV charging cable. We hope this guide will clear all your doubts and help in making an informed decision. So, it is time to go through them to choose the right one that is compatible with your electric vehicle.