How brands can get started on TikTok

Tim Maier is the CEO of Brand Boosting GmbHwhich is currently one of the most successful e-commerce agencies in the DACH region.

TikTok is still not seen as a marketing platform by many advertisers. However, using them correctly can yield great results. I’m the CEO of a company that uses TikTok for advertising that has helped many brands get started with TikTok, and I see great potential for businesses on the platform. The platform’s endless loop of (branded) content can be effective for selling through entertaining.

Take advantage of the layout.

On TikTok, whether directly in the community or through paid advertising, a wide reach and low click prices can attract many people. I think the unique thing about the platform is the layout of the ads. When you scroll through the feed, it can be difficult to distinguish ads from regular content. Taking advantage of this will allow you to unleash the full potential of the platform.

I’ve found that creative videos that don’t look like commercials are the key to success here: cell phone videos with lower quality rather than high-resolution, mass-produced, expensive commercials. Speaking authentically into the camera and promoting your product is often preferred by consumers.

Is the sales funnel no longer relevant?

According to an study published by TikTok, the sales process and user needs have been thoroughly researched. The study argues that the traditional marketing funnel has become less relevant in today’s world, where shopping and entertainment are closely intertwined. Customer journeys rarely follow a straight line from one touch point to another.

Instead, customers exit the process multiple times and re-enter through “an infinite loop with no start or end point”. By consistently engaging with consumers, brands can “establish more meaningful relationships with consumers that result in brand loyalty communities, repeat business, and increased spend.” The infinite loop can be more practical than a traditional funnel if you want to build a long-lasting, loyal customer base.

Successful businesses depend on trends and the community.

What should brands do to maximize their potential on the platform? On the one hand, ensure a consistent presence with regular content and ads. Brands can also partner with influencers, who often achieve amazing results engagement rates on TikTok. You also need to work on picking up existing trends for both formats. Furthermore, interaction with the community is an essential aspect, for example duets with users or responding to comments.

How can brands get started on TikTok?

If you are new to the platform, first make sure you understand the trends and type of content on TikTok. I think the best way to do this is to familiarize yourself with the content in the app for a few days. To get started, you also need to define a set strategy for your content. If you’re having trouble with this, see how more prominent brands are successfully implementing their content.

Good videos and good content on TikTok can be filmed with a mobile phone; this will blend in better with the rest of the platform. You need to make sure your content isn’t too promotional or too professional as I’ve found this discourages users from scrolling through your page.

Keep an eye out for current trends and jump on board. TikTok is a platform that can currently reach big audience† if the platform is used correctly and repeatedly, you can get out of the funnel and make the switch to the endless loop model.

A big challenge for companies new to TikTok is growth. I’ve noticed that you need to be very active and produce content regularly to be rewarded by the algorithm. The easiest way to grow is to follow the trends on TikTok. Even if many trends don’t seem to work for your business, get creative and you’ll soon find a great concept that’s right for you. It is essential that you dare to produce content that does not correspond to the standard house style and guidelines.

I think TikTok has significant potential. The algorithm, content and community make the platform a powerful marketing channel. Businesses large and small should strive to produce relevant content to take advantage of the existing reach. My company has tried and achieved incredible results on a low budget, so I believe it’s worth your time. Whether it’s lead generation, e-commerce or offline commerce, every brand can access its full potential on the platform. Business Council is the leading growth and networking organization for entrepreneurs and leaders. Am I eligible?

Shreya Christina
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