How brands benefit from multiple domain names

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Good entrepreneurs cover all their bases, and that includes domain names. When you use descriptive domains for targeted audiences, you can empower your business and increase your digital footprint. The more domain names you use, the more opportunities you have to tell the story of your brand. Let’s talk about five ways you can support your brand and your business with the strategic use of multiple domain names.

1. Create individual domains for specific purposes

Your established business website domain is your digital identity hub, but it may not be the most effective domain to link to for communication and promotion of every part of your business. Large companies often create standalone sites for many specific tasks and messages. For example, Amazon uses to access its employee health portal. Similarly, offers Ikea visitors an inside look at the company’s product development, philosophy and process. The .today domain separates this content from the main Ikea website and references their current events. When you choose domain names that are easy to remember, customers can quickly navigate to the specific site that provides the information they need.

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2. Protect your brand

Established companies that already own a parent brand domain can better protect their brand identity by expanding their domain portfolios. Amazon, for example, owns over 5,000 relevant keyword-descriptive domains set up as redirects to relevant pages on or Claiming brand territory around your company name using redirects also helps prevent cyber attacks from phishers or even parodies masquerading as your brand.

3. Strengthen SEO to Increase Audience Engagement

At and, descriptive domains are used to protect branding, but they are also used to strengthen SEO. Descriptive domains act as short and easy-to-remember business cards for a company’s identity and offerings. Descriptive domain names are more searchable because they use both sides of the period with descriptive phrases that drive traffic to your site. In the case with, if the phrase “Malaysia travel” is typed into a search engine, the next intuitive click would be to Malaysia Travel’s website. When you claim domains to protect your brand, choosing descriptive domains effectively directs users to the most relevant content.

4. Create a memorable promotion

Unique domains can also be used to make promotions stand out and increase engagement with a memorable call-to-action. You can encourage customer participation in your campaigns with domains that use your brand name in addition to a specific domain extension such as .deals, .coupons, .delivery, or .discount. These types of domains are ideal for social media, billboards, and word of mouth.

For example, a memorable billboard campaign for Bitcoin and NFTs came up with simple messages like “make the money better” along with the URL† Another billboard said “crypto is a peaceful revolution, hidden in plain sight” with the domain† Passers-by could glance at these memorable links and find them later, without having to stop and write anything down.

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5. Communicate a brand message

Most brands have multiple posts to share with their audience, and multiple domains are a great way to amplify different aspects of your brand. For example, Skims Shapewear has taken over the domain and is using it for their social media links. Posting this clear and descriptive link makes their social media look more polished and lofty compared to using short link providers with nonsensical and hard to remember characters. Likewise, when T-mobile hires people, they use to advertise with prospects and recruiters. This domain is descriptive, shorter and much more memorable than

Whether you’re running social media campaigns for large companies or launching a startup’s website, attention to detail will take your business to the next level. Descriptive domain names give you the ability to work in detail with brand messaging, website security, and better searchability of your business. Don’t be afraid to be as creative as you are strategic when choosing the domains your business should claim. The more domains you claim, the more stories your business can tell.

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