Hinge’s latest feature aims to help users spark self-care conversations – businesstraverse.com

dating app Hinge introduces a new “Self-Care Prompts” feature designed to inspire early inter-game conversations about self-care priorities. Hinge’s in-app prompts are conversation starters that users answer as part of their profile and are displayed for potential matches. The prompts are designed to allow users to show their personality rather than have a generic bio. With this latest launch, users can now select up to three new self-care prompts to spark conversations about mental health awareness.

There are 15 new self-care prompts that users can answer and add to their profiles. The prompts include: “My last diary entry was about…”, “The last I cried, happy tears were…”, “My friends ask me for advice about…”, “For me is relaxation…”, “I feel most supported when…,” “My limit is…,” “When I need advice, I go to…,” “I hype myself up by…,” “My cry -in-the-car song is…,” “My self-care routine is…,” “I calm down by…,” “Therapy recently taught me…,” “My therapist would say that I…”, “My happy place is…” and “I get myself out of a funk by…”

hinge self-care prompts

Image Credits: Hinge

Hinge says he hopes these directions will make it easier for users to share their wellness journey early in conversations. The company says 97% of Hinge users want to date someone who actively takes care of their mental health, but only 9% feel comfortable starting therapy on a first date.

“Talking about mental health has gone from an ‘oh no’ to a must-have in modern dating,” Hinge’s director of relationship sciences, Logan Ury, said in a statement. “People have worked on themselves and want to be with someone who has done the same. By adding self-care prompts, Hinge helps singles show that they prioritize their mental health and are ready to connect in a deeper, more authentic way.”

The new self-care prompts join the existing prompt packages on Hinge, including “About Me,” “Story Time,” “Let’s Chat About,” and “Voice First.” Hinge’s “Voice First” feature, which rolled out last fall, went viral on TikTok while users shared their experiences with the feature. Voice prompts allow users to answer a prompt via a 30-second voice recording, allowing fun stories to be shared in a more personal way.