Got the new iPhone? 9 tips to take care of it 

iPhones are truly marvelous. 

They topped the charts of “most sold mobile phone” since their launch years ago, and as of 2022, there are close to 110 million iPhone users in the United States alone. 

The iPhone is famous for its sturdy design, robust build, and smooth performance. But as with all electronic gadgets, an iPhone needs to be taken great care of, as well.

For new users, this might be a challenge, and even for long-time iPhone owners, not knowing the best maintenance techniques often affect their device performance and longevity.

This is why, today, we’re gonna talk a bit about the best hacks and tricks shared by the tech experts to keep your iPhone as good as new!

9 proven tips to take good care of your iPhone

  • Protection matters:

Even kids know how important it is to protect your iPhone’s screen and the housing in the first place. A broken body or screen isn’t only bad for looks but also comes with hazards like cuts from sharp glass ends and, however little, an evident exposure to radiation. So getting good quality, durable protective case and screen guard glass must be your top priority. Choose the case as per your device measurements and get scratch-proof glass for a better experience. 

  • Stay Charged up:

Using your phone at below 20% of charge puts extra pressure on the battery and curbs the overall performance. It further shortens the battery life. The best possible thing is to keep it charged between 40-80% all the time. Charge multiple times in a day rather than overcharging the battery the whole night while you sleep. 

And if buying protective covers or a charger, only get the best phone accessories for your device, which costs a little more money now but will be worth it in the long run. 

  • Healthy charging port :

Just as soon as you decide on charging, there we must not forget the next part, i.e., keeping the charging port clean. A clogged port only blocks the current flow, causing slow, inefficient charging. Use a toothpick carefully to remove all that dirt stuck inside but try not to prick too hard, as that may damage the port. 

  • Stay updated:

Outdated iOS apps cause version incompatibility, which leads to slow performance and crashes. Apple regularly releases new updates for your device with improved performance, enhanced battery life, and bug fixes. Download these updates regularly. It only takes a few minutes! 

You may turn on the app Store auto-update feature, which will automatically install app updates regularly. But don’t forget to delete all the apps you rarely use, as this might compromise precious battery life and bandwidth. 

  • Throw out the trash:

System caches and web cookies are junk files that are up to no good except eating up your storage and slowing down your phone. Like in the house, you gotta clear out the trash regularly here too. 

Delete all old messages using the Clearchat option, and delete all the safari data and web cookies with the “clear history and website data” option. 

  • Hot is wrong:

Body heating means the excess heat generated inside is being dissipated successfully, which is good and alarming as it indicates huge heat stress inside the circuit. 

If any app or game is causing this, consider uninstalling it for a while or checking for updates that might resolve the issues. 

  • Start it all over :

iPhones lock users out in extreme situations that might cause hardware damage or software security breaches. 

To avoid that, simply reboot your device in any case where it seems like your iPhone has been behaving abnormally despite your best efforts. This easy trick works great for small bugs and crashes. 

  • The backstage :

You might be reading this blog online while Reddit starts downloading a large update in the background. Apps running in the background don’t give such notifications, and they exhaust both your data and battery life. Except for essential work apps, open the background task manager and stop all apps from running in the background. This might cause a sync problem as apps don’t auto-update online. 

  • Back-up valuables:

This, we assume, you already do. But, if you’ve forgotten, let me remind you how often you have realized, in an urgent situation, that you’ve somehow deleted that important file or document while cleaning some other junk, perhaps. That feels like doom, isn’t it? But this is why smart people like you always take iCloud backup of all the valuable files. Better safe than sorry!

We hope these will help you keep using your precious iPhone for years without a headache. That’s all.