Geoff & Erica’s Big Decision in “Adam Graduates!”

It’s the season finale and we expect to see some shocking moments in The Goldbergs Season 9, Episode 22. The episode will mainly focus on Adam as his graduation day approaches, and everyone is excited to enjoy the time together. Meanwhile, the finale brings some life-changing decisions for Erica and Geoff. Keep reading to know more.

The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 22 Preview: What Happens Next?

In the previous episode, Geoff and Erica had a hard time because they had communication problems. But The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 22 will focus on Adam. It’s finally Adam’s graduation day. He worked hard during his graduation period and now the day has finally come when he finally graduated.

The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 22

While everyone is excited about the graduation ceremony, Beverly isn’t ready yet. She doesn’t like the idea of ​​living alone. Meanwhile, Geoff will encourage Erica to give her singing career a chance. While her singing dreams are yet to come true, she is set for a new beginning in The Goldbergs Season 9, Episode 22.

A quick summary!

Geoff and Erica fought in the previous episode and the sweet-natured Geoff stormed off. Erica seemed concerned. She wondered what she had to do to remain a functioning adult as she remained a woman-baby in various ways. Now Geoff needed to know more about her nature, as they seemed to be together forever. But it was a pretty big fight. Geoff had dealt with his feelings for years, so it was important for him to accuse Erica of ignorance. Erica also had a conflict with Beverly.

The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 22

Although things started well when the mother-daughter talked about being a good husband, Erica confronted Beverly for being a straight-head. Meanwhile, Adam and Brea prepare for their anniversary. But the arrival of Brea’s sister changed their plans. It was also revealed that Claire was planning to scam Adam. As for Claire, she never talked about her family and their problems, but she finally started in The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 21.

The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 22: Release Date

The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 22, titled “Adam Graduates,” will air on ABC on May 18, 2022 at 8 p.m. EDT. You can also stream the final on ABC’s official website and app. The show will also be available to stream on-demand on Hulu the following day. In addition, The Goldbergs has already been renewed for its tenth season. But unfortunately it will be the last episode of Jess Garlin. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 keeps you informed.