Fuches returns to Los Angeles in “All The Sauces”!

Since the start of the third season of HBO’s dark comedy-drama, Barry has been in a state of delusion and reverts to his violent tendencies. In the previous episode, he tried to make amends after killing his girlfriend. Gene couldn’t take it any longer, though. He ran away from the set after hitting Barry. Now we wait to see what Barry does next in Barry Season 3 Episode 4.

What Happens in Barry Season 3 Episode 4?

After the intense drama in the previous episode, fans have high hopes for the upcoming Barry Season 3 Episode 4. Based on what we know from the official synopsis, we can say it’s going to be a complete joyride. The recap for the upcoming episode titled “All the Sauces” indicates that Hank will go to Barry to help get rid of the Bolivians. Meanwhile, after spending a long time in the Chechen mountains, Fuches will be back in La with revenge in mind. On the other hand, Gene, who wants to leave Los Angeles after what happened to Barry, would find it difficult to have multiple reasons to stay.

Additionally, here’s a look at the next episode’s synopsis: “In a desperate attempt to solve his Bolivian problem, Noho Hank turns to Barry with a plan. Fuches vengefully returns to LA. Sally celebrates the premiere of her show. Gene rushes to skip town, but is bombarded with reasons to stay.”

What happened in the last episode?

The third episode of Barry Season 3 was titled “Ben Mendelsohn”. The episode started with Gene and Barry getting ready for the scene on the TV show, in which Barry got roles for both of them after threatening to kill Gene’s son and grandson if he didn’t hold back. Afterwards there is a conversation between Gene and Barry. In which he asks him if Janice was suffering at the time of her death.

Barry Season 3 Episode 4

Later, while performing the scene, Gene lost his cool and punched Barry before running away from the set. On the other hand, Sally was seen doing a press interview as the release date for her upcoming show is slated. Meanwhile, as the Bolivian squad prepared to attack the Chechens, Cristobal managed to convince Fernando not to attack and return to Bolivia.

Elsewhere, Batir showed Hank a bomb he had bought from the dark web and planned to blow up the Bolivian. Hank called Barry and informed him of the job he had previously been looking for. The episode also featured a phone call between Barry and Fuches. Fuches, hoping Barry would apologize to him, seemed determined to kill him after the conversation.

When and where can you watch Barry Season 3 Episode 4?

Barry Season 3 Episode 4

If you’ve already seen the previous episode of HBO’s black comedy Barry, you must be terrified to find out when the next episode airs. Do not worry; we’ve got you covered. The upcoming Episode 4 of Barry Season will air on HBO on Sunday, May 15, 2022. Fans can watch the TV premiere of the episode on the HBO network on Sunday at 10 p.m. EST.

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