Fan theories that will blow your mind! Breakdown of trailer and release date

Whether it’s the crazier Homelander or the introduction of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about The Boys Season 3. However, what we’re most excited about on-screen is our favorite anti-hero Billy. Butcher with the powers of a Supe, who gives Vought a kick in the ass. What else will happen? Let’s see-

What does the new trailer reveal?

Just days before the premiere of the third season of the satire show Superhero, Amazon Prime released the all-new trailer for The Boys Season 3 on May 16, 2022. We’re seeing fresh supes, new conflicts, and plenty of violent action in The Boys Season 3. teaser. The latest teaser reveals more about the next season. Homelander is in public relations mode after his snafu with Stormfront last season. He turned out to be a Nazi, while Billy Butcher, in his battle against the supre, tries to level the playing field by temporarily becoming a Supre.

There are also many new characters in the teaser, including Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy, which will appear in both flashback and modern times in the upcoming season, along with some very serious powers. The latest teaser for Season 3 of The Boys offers a lot of potential for the highly regarded superhero show. It will continue the storyline tracks that have already been established.

With the possibility of Homelander turning an even looser cannon, some speculated that Soldier Boy and The Boys would team up to take him down. Homelander was efficiently deployed to replace Soldier Boy. Therefore, the interests of the experienced superior may be similar to those of Billy Butcher. The trailer for the third season for The Boys confirms that argument. In the final scene, a furry and disoriented Soldier Boy emerges from a cryogenic container.

Will Stormfront return in season 3 of The Boys?

In the Season 2 finale, Stormfront was nearly killed by Homelander’s son, Ryan, but she survived. So whether she will return in the future season or not remains a mystery to fans. According to a few Redditors, Aya Cash is being credited with multiple episodes in Season 3, so she’ll be back one way or another.

    The Boys Season 3

While others argue, Aya Cash, now in her third season, wonders about Soldier Boy’s memories. Since Stormfront is a Nazi and a Soldier Boy, a spoof of Captain America, fought Nazis, it will be fascinating to see how they interacted in the past.

Billy Butcher vs Payback?

Redditors theorize that Butcher grabbing Compound V in the show will lead to the scenario in the comic where he takes revenge himself. This moment appeared in The Boys comics. And the users think it will be in the show too, most likely finally.

The Boys Season 3

This seems like an action packed scenario. And if it happens on the program, the viewers will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats. Given the current crush on Soldier Boy, fans may want him to stay a little longer and not die in The Boys Season 3.

Season 3 release date of The Boys!

It’s been about two years since the debut of the second season of The Boys on Amazon Prime in September 2020. Even before the premiere of the second season, Amazon Prime renewed the series for The Boys season 3 in July 2020. Production for the third season started in February 2021. Meanwhile, on September 21, it was reported that the filming of the third season had been completed. And the season has entered post-production.

The Boys Season 3: Plot, Cast, Release Date & More

However, the release date for the third season was not announced until January 2022. The Boys season 3 is scheduled to return on Amazon Prime Video on June 3, 2022. Like the previous season, the third season will also follow the weekly episode. cartridge.

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