Epic’s Mega Sale has four weeks of free games and 25 percent off titles

Epic is launching a new sales promotion for PC games available through the Epic Games Store. The Epic Mega Sale runs today through June 16 at 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT and includes a 25 percent digital coupon for unlimited use. This coupon is stackable on top of the current sales prices, although you can’t use it for titles under $14.99. Epic also releases four free mystery games every Thursday during the promotional period, the first of which is Borderland 3

If you’ve seen or participated in past sales events on the Epic Games Store, this may sound very familiar. A notable departure from those deals is that the coupon now offers a 25 percent discount, where it had previously offered a fixed discount of $10. With that change, this new Mega Sale coupon shifts the best value to more expensive games, as a title that costs $59.99 is discounted by $15, while a game with the $14.99 threshold is only discounted by $3.75. falls.

While the coupon amount is different this time around, the usual restrictions apply – you can’t use it for in-game content like V-Bucks for Two weeksand it is only eligible for games already released on the Epic Games Store (no pre-orders).

Simultaneously with the discount, Borderland 3 is free to add to your library on EGS and download today. During the promotion period, three more free games will be revealed on the following Thursdays.

The digital coupon will be automatically applied to one or more applicable games when added to your cart. Below are a few highlights of the 1,600+ games already discounted and what they’ll cost you once added to your cart with the extra 25 percent coupon: