Dragon Ball Goku Figure With Basketball Shirt, Anta Shoes Don’t Need A Nimbus To Look Like Air Jordan

anime figure of goku with a basketball
A look at the new Dragon Ball Goku basketball figure. Pic credit: ABSinthe Studio

A new Dragon Ball Goku figure has fallen and let Son Goku take the fight to court!

This Son Goku figure, which seems to be aimed at both basketball and Dragon Ball fans, showcases the favorite Goku in a way that fans may not be used to seeing! Instead of saving the world, it looks like he’s traded his karate Gi for basketball kicks, and just in time for the NBA playoffs!

The collectible figure is offered to us by ABSinthe & SeeYou Studios. ABsinthe Studios recently made a name for themselves with its outrageous My Dress-Up Darling Kitagawa Marin figure with a removable bikini.

According to the description on the website, the basketball Goku figure is made of resin and PU (polyurethane). The dimensions are estimated at approximately 37 x 21 x 20 cm.

Full body look at the Goku basketball figure
A full look at ABSinthe Studio’s new Goku basketball figure. Pic credit: ABSinthe Studio

Where can I buy this basketball Goku figure?

If you are eager to purchase the figure, you can do so via the 4ugk website.

While there is no official release date yet, the Goku figure is currently available for pre-order.

At the time of this article, fans and potential buyers can expect to shell out as much as $253.14 for the statue. However, if that’s too rich for your blood, fans can also make a $86.65 deposit and pay the rest in full later.

You may want to act fast as it appears there are only 188 units available at the time of this article! That means it will most likely be a limited edition series, so once it sells out, the only option is to hope a collector will sell it through eBay in the future.

Will more basketball-playing Dragon Ball character characters from the series be released?

If you’re not much of a Goku fan but are still a basketball and Dragon Ball fan, you might be wondering if another of your favorites will be immortalized in a statue as well.

poster of dragon ball characters in basketball outfit
Potential future figures with Dragon Ball characters in basketball gear. Pic credit: ABSinthe Studio

While there are no other basketball-related pre-orders for other characters at this time, the 4ugk website does have promotional images featuring several other characters in basketball gear. They may indicate future releases for characters like Piccolo, Vegeta, and Frieza.

While not part of the same collection, there is also a Buu x Chicago Bulls figure available on the site. It shows the villain in a Chicago Bulls shirt and wearing a pair of Jordan 13 basketball shoes. It retails for $117.39.

    a figure of Buu from Dragon Ball in Chicago Bulls outfit
A look at the figure of Buu from Dragon Ball in Chicago Bulls outfit. Photo credit: TX Studios

Why do Goku’s shoes look so familiar?

Some of you may have noticed that this figure hasn’t dressed Goku in his traditional orange and blue Gi.

While the figure plays in the general color palette that Dragon Ball fans know and love, it sees to it that his usual outfit is transformed into more appropriate sportswear with a jersey and basketball shorts.

A close-up of Goku's shoes in the new basketball figure
A close-up of Son Goku’s shoes in ABsinthe Studio’s new basketball figure. Pic credit: ABSinthe Studio

The most significant change, however, is Goku’s shoes. At first glance, he’s just wearing a pair of very stylish orange and blue high basketball shoes. If you’re a casual sneaker fan, you may have spared them a passing glance. If you keep track of shoe releases, especially anime related, you might recognize these kicks from the Anta x Dragon Ball Super shoe line.

Dragon Ball Goku Sneakers
A look at the Anta x Dragon Ball Super “Son Goku” basketball culture shoes for men. Photo credit: Ankt Shop

These particular shoes, the Anta x Dragon Ball Super “Son Goku” Men’s Basketball Culture Shoes, aren’t just meant to give this Goku figure extra street value. They are also actually for sale!

You will find the purchase of the Anta x Dragon Ball Super “Son Goku” Men’s Basketball Culture Shoes Here, along with a bunch of other character-based shoes from the collection. They are currently on sale for $169.00.

Does the Dragon Ball Goku figure have a risk option?

If you’ve been following the latest trend in new numbers, you may have noticed some more outrageous numbers in the market.

Figures of Eren from Attack on Titan and Marin from My Dress-Up Darling have both been given the bold treatment, releasing figures that not only have a nude option, but are anatomically correct too!

As far as we can tell, this Dragon Ball Goku figure seems to be keeping all his clothes on!

Whether that’s a plus or a setback, that’s up to the buyer!

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