Do you think exhaust emissions are bad? Tire particles are 1850 times worse

What happens when you publish research on car emissions that angers not only ICE owners, but also those who use electric vehicles? Well, people have a lot of feelings.

In 2020, UK Independent Emissions Testing Company Emissions Analysis published a research paper claiming that particulate wear emissions 1000 times worse than exhaust emissions† It generated tremendous attention, and the story was translated into more than 40 languages ​​worldwide.

While driving, the rubber on car tires wears down and flakes into small particles in the air or along the road. These tire emissions can To cause damage for people’s health, but also for air quality, soil and water. They occur due to tire ingredients, handling and road conditions.

And, as we have Previously reportedEVs aren’t flawless when it comes to air pollution. In fact, 55% of roadside pollution comes from non-exhaust particulates from both types of cars. About 20% of this comes from brake dust, which can cause significant respiratory problems if inhaled.