CBS has renewed the series! Will it include Denzel Washington?

CBS’ crime drama series, based on Denzel Washington’s 2013 film of the same name, The Equalizer, has been very popular for two seasons. The show starring Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall just finished the second season premiere. However, like the fans of the show, the network is also eager for The Equalizer Season 3. That’s why they’ve already renewed the series’ third and fourth seasons.

What can we expect from the Equalizer Season 3?

In the second season of the series, Robyn canceled her plans to stop vigilance, as Marcus needed her to locate a group of unknown bandits who were killing Paley. Meanwhile, in the season, there was a small but complicated interaction between Robyn and her ex-husband, Dr. Miles, when he treated a gunshot victim. Meanwhile, Detective Ken Mallory began to doubt whether Marcus was related to The Equalizer. At the same time, DA Grafton was tirelessly chasing Robyn. However, she stopped her search when Robyn saved her from attempted murder.

Equalizer Season 3

When The Equalizer Season 3 returns, the story will continue after Season 2’s cliffhanger. The season will answer whether Robyn managed to get revenge on Mason for William’s death. Meanwhile, the season can also explore the changing dynamics between Delilah and Robyn as she knows the truth about her mother.

In addition, the third season could also explore a potential romantic arc between Robyn, Dante and DA Grafton. We can expect the season to bring more dangerous challenges for Robyn as she tries to fight the crimes on the streets of New York.

CBS renewed third and fourth season!

The Equalizer Season 3

Yes! You read it right. There is good news for all fans of the CBS crime thriller series. For the second season finale of The Equalizer on May 15, CBS gave the green light for a fourth and fifth season on May 5, 2022. Announcing the extension, Thom Sherman, Senior Executive Vice President of Programming at CBS, stated “The Equalizer” continues to pack a powerful punch on Sunday night. And we are very happy that it can be there for two more seasons.” However, this is all about the future season of the show as there are no details about their production and release schedule.

Denzel Washington Cameo In The Equalizer Season 3?

After the Washington-starring film series, The Equalizer is the franchise’s second relaunch on CBS. Meanwhile, fans of the film series had long awaited Denzel Washington’s entry into the television series. According to Washington, the Equalizer 3 will begin production this year, with Antoine Fuqua, who directed the original two films, at the helm.

The Equalizer Season 3

Latifah recently spoke to Variety after the opening of the second season. When asked about Washington’s involvement with the program, Latifah informed Variety that it is not her call for a possible cameo role for the male McCall. Latifah revealed that it depends on Denzel Washington and Fuqua. So she doesn’t know what might happen in the future.

She said, “That’s up to D. It’s really between him and Antoine. I love him to pieces. I have the utmost respect for him. What he’s done with the movies is incredible and I’d love to interact with him on every level. It’s a bit like that with us.”

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