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After watching the first season, fans were curious about Angelyne season 2. We can understand their curiosity as the first season was a mega rollercoaster ride. Fans have learned a lot about Angelyne and her mysterious past. That left everyone waiting to find out more about her. But will the production house return with the second season? Here’s everything you need to know.

Based on Baum’s articles, the show revolved around an American actress, singer, model and media personality. The series focused on Angelyne’s life. It delved into her past and briefly outlined her teenage life. The show’s first trailer was released in April 2020. But due to the COVID pandemic, filming was delayed. But it soon returned and became extremely popular.

Angelyne Season 2: Renewal Status!

The first season aired on Peacock on May 19, 2022. So it’s pretty early to guess if Angelyne Season 2 will return. Peacock announced the show as a miniseries. So it looks like there won’t be a new season. The show also received a mixed response. It received 5.1 positive reactions on IMDb and 81% positive reactions on Rotten Tomatoes. So, given the response from the public, there’s a slim chance Angelyne Season 2 could return. But the chance is quite small.

Angelyne season 2

Furthermore, the show was based on an article about her past and childhood. Thus, the first season portrayed the entire part of the article. Furthermore, the show revolved around the article and was portrayed as a journalistic piece. While the show played some fantasy aspects, it mostly focused on the article. The source material has already been used up in the first season. So it doesn’t look like the studio will return with the second season.

Will it ever return?

Angelyne season 2

Well, as mentioned before, the source material has already been used. But we know Angelyne is still alive. Thus, the story can focus on her career and how her mysterious past played an important role in shaping her future. The season finale revealed how her parents met in Nazi camps and then migrated to America. Now in Angelyne season 2, the show could explore where Angelyne is and how she is living her best life.

Angelyne Season 2: Who Could Be in the Cast?

Angelyne season 2

If the show returns with the second season, we can expect Emmy Rossum to return as Angelyne. Hamish Linklater may return as Rick Krause with Philip Ettinger as Cory Hunt and Charlie Rowe as Freddy Messina. In addition to them, Alex Karpovsky as Jeff Glaser will join Michael Shuman as Ray, Blair Hickey as David Duncamp and Guy Wilson as Steve Hughes. Judy Kain will also star as Jane Ferro, Jill Renner as Brunette Pedestrian and Dillon Schohr as Starwood Bouncer. Additionally, Antjuan Tobias returns as Bud Griffin with Kellan Bold as young Jeff Glaser.

Angelyne Season 2: Release Date

Angelyne season 2

Peacock has not yet announced Angelyne’s extension. But when the show returns, we can expect production to last six to seven months. Furthermore, the post production work will also take some time to complete. So we can expect Angelyne season 2 to return in the spring of 2023. Keep following us. TechRadar247 will keep you informed.

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