Blessed be the Find My app, savior of my lost AirPods

The AirPods Pro made their way into my life two years ago and have not held back since. I take Apple earbuds everywhere – and I love them.

But today I had a terrible shock.

I got up nice and early to go for a run (that #FitBoy lifestyle) and to my shock, my AirPods Pro were nowhere to be found. After searching the usual places for over 20 minutes, I accepted that I had left them somewhere weird and went for a jog anyway.

During my huffing and puffing and grunting and moaning, my brain broke as I tried to figure out where the hell they could be.

I had checked my bag, jacket and all the usual places where AirPods could slide down. Nothing. nada. Diddly-fucking-squat.

After coming back from my run sweaty and only more confused with the situation, I went back to the quest – and it got more and more left. I ducked into the laundry basket, dug out drawers I hadn’t opened in weeks, and braved that terrifying closet overflowing with wobbly Tupperware.

My AirPods Pro were nowhere to be found.

At the loose end, I decided I’d take a chance and try opening Apple’s Find My app. Maybe, I thought, they would show me where I last contacted them and from there I could work backwards. It wasn’t much, but it was something.

Turns out it was more than anything, it was everything.

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