Ambassador era remnant Hindustan Motors looking for a comeback with electric vehicles

  • Ambassador maker Hindustan Motors is looking to make a comeback in India.
  • The company has reportedly entered into a joint venture with a European electric vehicle manufacturer.
  • The company will launch electric two-wheelers and cars in the country.

Ambassador was one of the most iconic cars in India and was seen as a symbol of prestige in the country. Now it’s a relic of the past, but its creator, Hindustan Motors, is reportedly looking to make a comeback by hopping on the electric vehicle train.

The auto industry is now undergoing a revolution with most major companies looking to introduce electric cars. While the electric car industry is still in its infancy, ambassador-maker Hindustan Motors is reportedly looking to make a comeback in India with electric vehicles.

According to an
report by Business Standard, Hindustan Motors, India’s first automaker, is looking to revitalize its business by entering into a joint venture (JV) with a European car company from the EV industry.

The iconic Ambassador car was manufactured by Hindustan Motors, which began production in 1958 and ended almost 50 years later in 2014.

Share talks are underway

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has reportedly been signed by Hindustan Motors and the required due diligence is expected to take approximately three months. Uttam Bose, a director of Hindustan Motors, has said the companies are currently discussing the share structure. Under the current proposed structure, Hindustan Motors will own 51% of the stake and the unnamed European company the remaining 49%.

Hindustan Motors re-enters with an electric scooter

Interestingly enough, the JV isn’t just focused on electric cars. The company’s first vehicle will be an electric scooter. Interestingly enough, this comes at a time when electric two-wheeler sales are at an all-time high and growing rapidly.

A report from last month found that sales of electric scooters have increased fivefold. While Hero Electric and Okinawa are at the top of the electric two-wheeler segment, Tata Motors dominates the electric car segment.

“Initially, the project will launch two-wheelers and then four-wheelers,” Uttam Bose said in a statement to Business Standard.

Electric vehicles are produced in West Bengal

Initially, the electric vehicles will be produced at the company’s Uttarpara plant in West Bengal, where it ceased production in 2014. The company will use the 295 hectare space it has in Uttarpara. “We have the facility and the infrastructure and we want to sweat it out,” Bose added.

It will be interesting to see what electric vehicles are introduced by Hindustan Motors and how the company competes with the existing players.


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