Airbnb rolls out a new design to encourage travel discovery

Travel booking company Airbnb is rolling out a new design for its website and app to encourage discovery of different places and facilitate longer stays.

The company says this is its biggest redesign in years. Called Categories, the marquee feature allows you to explore homes around the world — rather than search for something specific.

With this Airbnb wants to inspire people to think about traveling in the future, or taking longer trips.

Encouraging discovery through categories

Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, told TNW that the search for travel has been the same for the past 25 years.

We thought there was a more inspiring way to build a travel quest that isn’t just based on location. One problem with location search is that we have homes in 100,000 cities. No one can think of 100,000 places to go.

So instead of typing in dates and destinations to search for lodgings, the company wants you to just start browsing.

At launch, Airbnb will introduce 56 categories, including things like awesome pools, castles, and historic homes (style-based categories); arctic, beach and more (categories based on location); camping, golf and surfing (categories based on activities).

List of categories launched by AIrbnb