A Guide to Fleet Maintenance  

Whether your business operates a single vehicle every once in a while, or scores of vehicles in constant operations caring for your fleet of vehicles preserves a valuable company asset. In the following article, we will take a closer look at the important details involved in providing proper care and maintenance to your fleet of vehicles. 

Vehicle maintenance preserves your vital vehicles and keeps them in optimal conditions. This means that they will function more efficiently using fewer resources to stay operative. In the long term, your vehicles will not break down and cost you time and resources for reparations.  

Let’s take a closer look at some of the basics of fleet care and maintenance from Mr Car Mats that should be observed from the very establishment of your business.  

1- Keep a Vehicle Maintenance Checklist 

No matter the size and variety of your fleet of vehicles, these must be considered a business asset and given optimal care and maintenance. A good way to begin is with a checklist for each vehicle that considers all individual needs. This checklist should be filled out by operators daily, weekly, and/or monthly as the needs require. It should then be reviewed by the proper department as well.   

2- On Time Service: 

Service is essential for keeping your vehicles in operation, but this is even more true in the hotter months. Cars will need service more frequently due to the increased pressure strain on batteries by air conditioners.  

The oil, belts, radiator, liquids, and battery should be examined regularly to prevent unexpected incidents.  

3- Tyre Maintenance: 

Commercial vehicles will be used far more frequently than your average vehicle and this means that there is greater wear and tear on the tires. This means your tires will need to be rotated and serviced with greater frequency. Take the time to consider the needs of your tires and how often they will need service.  

4- Park in the Shade: 

Keep your vehicles parked in the shade as much as possible, the best option would be an underground parking lot. But if this is not possible, you should invest in some top-quality protective covers.  

Car covers offer your vehicles excellent protection from the elements and can also reduce the costs of regular cleanings. But they do much more than this. A good set of car covers protects your exteriors from dings, dents, and scratches from windborne objects. They also act as an effective deterrent to criminal activity. Vandals and car thieves are less likely to assault a vehicle with a secure protective covering that has to be carefully removed.  

5- Ban Pressurized Items

Have a list of safety standards and request that all your drivers and operators learn and execute these guidelines when operating the vehicle. This list of safety standards should detail not allowing pressurized items like lighters, perfume bottles, pressurized air fresheners, atomizers, aerosol deodorant cans, etc.  

These items are highly dangerous and could explode in the heat of the summer. 

6- Must Keep Emergency Items: 

All vehicles in your fleet must be carrying a list of emergency items including flares, flashlights, road signals, fire extinguishers, jumper cables, first-aid kits, etc. They should also have an extra change of clothes, gloves, tools, bungee cords, and accident forms.  

They should also have the number of a reliable auto service center they can call in case of an emergency. A contingency plan should be in place so all drivers know exactly what to do in case they face a problem.

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