8 Practices Every Business Should Borrow From 5-Star Companies

Today’s consumers typically do a lot of online research before deciding to get involved with a company’s product or service. Part of this research may include reading reviews from other customers to see what kind of star rating the company has received.

Companies with a 5-star rating have a clear edge in this scenario, as previous customers trusted their company enough to tell other consumers about their great experience. But becoming a five-star company doesn’t happen overnight — it takes consistent effort and dedication to best customer service practices.

Below, a group of successful entrepreneurs shared some key practices these top-rated companies follow and how you can replicate them in your own business.

Respond to negative reviews.

It’s impossible to please everyone who buys from your store, says Chris Christoff, co-founder of MonsterInsights† However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it right if there’s a problem.

“Responding to negative reviews is one of the reasons five-star companies are so loved,” explains Christoff. “If you see negative feedback, contact the customer immediately so you can resolve the issue. If you succeed, the user will likely adjust their rating.”

Create your own customer journey.

Top companies are able to introduce themselves as customers and guide themselves through their own customer experience. Mary Harcourt, founder of CosmoGlosuggests asking yourself questions such as: “How does the website feel when you first discover it? What does the purchase process look like? What is the tone of email communication? Are your questions easy to answer?”

“Playing the guest allows you to sort out your flaws and easily correct them to create an enjoyable interaction,” Harcourt adds.

Focus on the small details.

Andrew Powell, Co-Founder and CEO of Learn to winrecommends being relentlessly focused on eliminating friction points for customers.

“Think of the experience of opening an Apple product,” Powell says. “Apple’s products are so well designed, down to the small details of how a consumer opens their boxes – very easy to do, no tools required, etc. They care deeply about the customer experience, even down to the smallest detail, and that ethos permeates the whole company.”

Stay creative and innovative.

Consistent creativity and innovation are a sign that a company is obsessed with its customers, said Shu Saito, CEO of All filters

“The driving force behind creativity in business is understanding what your customers need and responding specifically to those needs,” added Saito. “Innovation comes from seeing how customers interact with a product and how technology and marketing models emerge from that relationship.”

Invest in your employees.

According to Candice Georgiadis, founder of digital dayFive-star companies often encourage their employees to keep abreast of industry trends by developing hard and soft skills training initiatives.

“The world is dynamic in nature and your employees have to keep up with it,” explains Georgiadis. “These sessions are merging into something bigger, and with each training, the company as a whole moves forward. Investing in people will always be ROI positive.”

Engage with repeat customers.

Today’s top-rated businesses focus on interacting with their happiest customers and encourage them to leave reviews of their experience. This is what Fehzan Ali, co-founder and chairman of the board of directors of Adscend Media LLCbuilds a deeper connection with their customers while demonstrating their deep commitment to the customer experience.

“This also helps to further enhance customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and a new customer expectation for quality services,” added Ali.

Deliver first-class customer service.

Many high-performing companies prioritize customer service and put their customers’ needs first, said Stephanie Wells, co-founder and CTO of Formidable shapes

“From their FAQ page to their contact page, these companies are making themselves easily accessible so that customers can quickly access solutions and get answers to their questions,” notes Wells. “Customers are more likely to return to a company with quality customer service.”

Make it easy to contact you.

Offering 5-star services and support is simple at its core, explains Syed Balkhi, co-founder of WPBeginner: You need to make it easy for customers to contact you.

“Add forms to your site, share a business phone number, share your email, and use a chat tool,” Balkhi recommends. “And then respond! When your customers can connect with real people from your company and get help, it instantly creates a 5-star experience and builds customer loyalty.”

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