6 best language learning apps for your summer vacations

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Almost ready for a break? Summer is fast approaching and who can blame you if you want to step away this year and enjoy some travel? If you are planning to leave the country, you will find that it is much easier to get around if you speak the local language. So take a moment before learning a new language with one of these top apps.


1. Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (all languages)

The world’s most profitable language learning app has more than ten million users worldwide for a reason. Developed by over 100 expert linguists, Babbel is designed to efficiently teach you practical vocabulary. In bite-sized lessons of 10 to 15 minutes, you will learn the most important topics you need to know at your own pace.

To get Chat Language Learning for $199 (reg. $499), a 60 percent savings.

2. Lingoda Language Lessons

Lingoda is like the traditional way of learning a new language as an adult. You know, going to a class and learning from a personal teacher. Except Lingoda does it all online. You’ll take live Zoom lessons with certified teachers in small groups or private individual lessons, all tailored to your level, so you can progress as fast or as slow as you want. So if you’re eager to learn Spanish before traveling to Mexico this summer, Lingoda is specially made to get you up and running quickly.

To attempt Lingoda Language Lessons with a 7-day free trial.

3. Mondly: Lifetime Subscription (all languages)

Mondly uses state-of-the-art speech recognition and a range of professional voice actors to get you into a conversational curriculum. It gives positive feedback when you speak clearly and correctly and helps you focus on the key words and phrases you need to know to speak up to 41 different languages.

To get Monday for $99.99 (reg. $2,199), a 95 percent savings.

4. Speakly: Lifetime Subscription (all languages)

Speakly claims to be the fastest way to learn a new language. Combining science and computational algorithms, Speakly teaches you the 4,000 most statistically relevant words from eight different languages ​​in order of importance, so you can quickly function in another country.

To get speak for $69.99 (reg. $399), an 82 percent savings.

5. The Unlimited Lifetime Learning ft. Rosetta Stone

This volume is spearheaded by Rosetta Stone, considered by many to be the “Golden Standard” of language learning and trusted for three decades by international organizations such as NASA and TripAdvisor. You get lifetime access to this powerful software, as well as lifetime access to StackSkills Unlimited, an online learning platform where you can access courses on just about anything.

To get The unlimited subscription bundle for lifelong learning ft. Rosetta Stone for $199 (reg. $1,794), an 88 percent savings.

6. The Lifetime Subscription Bundle for Language Learners ft. uTalk

With this special, you also get a lifetime subscription to StackSkills Unlimited, but the flagship language learning platform is uTalk. uTalk, as the name suggests, is all about speaking. It helps you learn a wide variety of languages ​​on any device by listening to and “conversing” with native speakers, giving you more confidence in your chosen language.

To get The Language Learner Lifetime Subscription Bundle ft. uTalk for $39 (reg. $1,819), a 97 percent savings.

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