16 business simulation games for entrepreneurs

Looking for a game where you can develop skills that are useful in real life situations? Or maybe you’re already a resource management game master and want to show off your skills in a fun and relaxing video game. Business simulators have entertained players for decades and they serve as a great way to pass the time while learning to succeed in real life.

What is a Business Simulation Game?

What is a business simulation game? The name speaks for itself. Business simulation games, also known as tycoon games, put players at the head of fictional companies as they determine their path to success. Available on a variety of consoles and as mobile apps, these entertaining tools help sharpen business management skills outside of the stressful workplace. After all, the game can reflect real business scenarios, but the risk of failure has few consequences.

Benefits of playing business simulator game

Why should you play a business simulator game? Business simulation games offer players several benefits, including:

  • Practice soft skills – Business simulation players can play to improve their business skills without risking their actual job. Players practice skills such as communication and leadership, but their mistakes don’t affect their real career.
  • Improve hard skills – Soft skills are not the only practice offered in business simulation games. Players can also hone specific specific market skills. While playing business simulation games, players can learn about a specific industry such as game development, medical management, or even YouTube influencing.
  • relax and enjoy – It can be difficult for a dedicated professional to leave the office at the end of the workday. Business simulator games are a great way to relax and unwind while still sharpening skills important to your career. Having fun can help you face the next work day feeling refreshed and with a clear and focused mind.
  • Encourage team building – Business managers are always looking for a great team building exercise in the workplace, and playing business games is a great way to bring personalities together in a productive way. Like team building in an escape room, business strategy games are a great way to bond in the office.

Best Business Simulator Games

What are the best business simulation games? It can be difficult to choose. Are you looking for a game set in a particular industry, or do you want to entertain yourself by controlling an entire economic system? There are business games that can appeal to any interest or skill level. To help you decide, we’ve highlighted some of the best business simulation games.

1. Capitalism Lab

Initially released in 2012, Capitalism Lab challenges players to become the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. On their journey to expand their business and increase profits, players in different markets compete against an assortment of different competing companies. As CEO, the player must use his business skills to avoid real challenges such as bankruptcies and buyouts.

2. Sim Companies

Sim companies is a business simulation game that instructs players to build a business from the ground up. Players compete against each other trying to find and exploit gaps in the market. The free game uses an advanced economic simulation model to provide the most realistic and challenging gaming experience, including prizes, influence, and cartels.

3. Marketplace Simulations

Experience real-life situations in a competitive environment with Marketplace Simulations† Business students can practice skills that will benefit them in the job market with this award-winning learning resource. Marketplace Simulations offers engaging, game-like exercises that allow them to experiment with business strategies.

4. Virtonomy

In this multiplayer business simulation game, Virtonomy players must strategically build their virtual businesses to become successful Virtonomics entrepreneurs. Develop a fictional startup in different industries, play in modes like entrepreneur, business war or Virtonomics tycoon.

5. YouTubers live 2

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to operate a YouTube channel for profit? YouTubers live 2 players must navigate the pitfalls of content production and social media influence, aiming to accumulate the most subscribers and views. Start with basic gear and expand as you build your channel and viewership.

6. Constructor Plus

Called the definitive game solution for the modern tycoon, Constructor Plus challenges players to build a city filled with businesses, tenants, and even unwanted guests while fighting off rivals. Choose to build one of more than 140 buildings, ranging from skyscrapers to mobile homes.

7. Crossroads Inn

Do you want to create a hotel empire? Crossroads Inn is a time management simulator set in a fantasy world. Players build and manage a tavern, complete challenges and strive to satisfy visiting adventurers by developing the tavern’s interior, services and menu. Can your innkeeper be a hero too?

Best Game-Like Business Simulators

Some business simulators are so instructive that it can be difficult to realize that you are playing a video game. Want to have fun while sharpening your business knowledge? Try one of these best game like business simulators.

8. Motorsport Manager

Why not manage the team instead of playing a traditional racing game? Motorsport Manager is a strategy game that simulates race management. To succeed, players must hire the best drivers, build better cars and immerse themselves in the racing world. Do you have what it takes to be the manager of a high-performance motorsport team? Try Motorsport Manager and find out.

9. Two Point Hospital

two point hospital is a popular business simulation game developed by Two Point Studios. Players must build the Two Point Hospital from scratch and then run a successful care operation. In the versatile Two Point Hospital, players can design a spectacular medical center while managing unruly staff and healing unusual diseases.

10. Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator

Navigate an organ market with dozens of raw materials in this challenging business simulator. Space Warlord Organ Trade players act as organ traders in a cutthroat market full of meaty meat. To succeed, they must deal with dubious figures and prevent vampire leech organs from destroying the rest of their wares.

11. Planet Coaster

A favorite among tycoon games, Planet Coaster is a construction and management simulation video game that challenges players to build an amazing amusement park. To succeed, they must build the best amusement park rides and roller coasters. Players must attract visitors, manage limited funds and make as much profit as they can operate their creations.

12. Roller Coaster Tycoon

The ultra-popular Roller Coaster Tycoon series of business simulation games challenges players to build and manage the theme park of their dreams. Rollercoaster Tycoon players will relax and have fun as they build and customize unique roller coasters, and practice business administration while learning to master open-ended theme park management.

13. Game Dev Story

Improve your entrepreneurial skills while being entertained with this game for Nintendo Switch and other platforms. In Game Dev Story, players are challenged to lead a video game development company and create a game that sells millions. Can you act as a game developer and create a best-selling game with fun, creativity, excellent graphics and superior sound? Give Game Dev Story a try and create some magic.

14. Space Simulator

This realistic management simulator challenges players’ planning skills as they attempt to successfully launch the first manned mission to Mars. Compete to become the industry’s leading space travel company as you plan the ultimate mission. In the process, Space Company Simulator players must complete tasks such as hiring new employees, refining their technology, and designing spectacular missiles.

15. Transport fever

Looking for a transport tycoon game where you can master more than just trains? Transport fever invites players to be railroad tycoons, but it adds planes and ships to the mix. Instead of concentrating on mere railways, players are challenged to build powerful airports and ports as well. The game starts in 1850, but as time goes on, the available transportation options also increase.

16. Rise of Industry

Players looking for an original game that simulates business strategies can try their hands at Rise of the industry† Set in the early 20th century, Rise of Industry challenges players to build and manage a growing empire, construct factories and transportation lines, negotiate with competitors, and seek market opportunities along the way.

Run your own business with great business simulations

Have you always dreamed of owning your own company? Do you feel you have what it takes to be a successful industry tycoon? You can have fun playing one of the best business board games or farming games or you can practice your skills by playing a business simulator video game like one of the fascinating options above.

What is the best business simulator game?

How can you choose the best one with so many great business simulator games? Preference may depend on the industry you’re targeting, the skills you want, or even the free status of the game. The best overall business simulator game is Virtonomy† The multiplayer simulator allows players to play as an entrepreneur, mafia manager or a tycoon, test their financial skills and work to conquer the industry. Virtonomics is a great source of entertainment, knowledge, training and development.

Can simulation be used in the business world?

Business simulators are more than just relaxing games in the business and marketing world. A business simulation game can be used by professionals to hone their management and organizational skills without the risks associated with controlling the real market. Multiplayer games can even be used to build teamwork as players learn business strategy. With hard work, anyone can achieve success as a virtual tycoon.

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