12 easy ways leaders can boost positivity in the workplace

A negative mindset can be toxic in the workplace. It can lower morale, lower productivity and spread to other members of the team, leading to a toxic work culture.

As a leader, it is critical to have a positive attitude to work through difficult situations effectively and keep your team on the same page. Below 12 members of Council for Young Entrepreneurs discuss how to radiate more positivity at work and why these practices are especially crucial for those in leadership positions.

1. Remember the three Cs

Do not criticize, condemn or complain. There are ways to let people know they missed the mark, but with a positive approach. Next, be sure to acknowledge, value, and give honest and sincere praise. A genuine interest in what other people are doing or who they are will help build a good relationship with your colleagues. † Jennifer A Barnes Optima Office, Inc

2. Show genuine interest

The best way to express positive energy is to show genuine interest in others. Trying too hard to be optimistic or cheerful can come across as forced and fake. What people really appreciate is the feeling that you really listen to them and respond to their concerns. Asking questions, paying attention to others, and doing your best to solve problems comes across as true positivity. † Kalin KassabovProTexting

3. Give positive feedback

Be sure to provide positive feedback rather than just constructive comments. It can be tempting as a leader to focus on the problems, especially when you’re busy and stressed. However, proclaiming the things that are going really well, celebrating them and encouraging more of them can boost morale as well as performance, because people then focus on trying to figure out what made that one thing great and trying to do it. replicate. † Andrew PowellLearn to win

4. Share your knowledge

A good leader will always listen and share their knowledge. Helping your team succeed and letting them know they’ve done a good job not only makes your team feel good, but it also gives you a more positive attitude. Sharing your knowledge and creating an environment based on sharing knowledge and experience will lead to a more collaborative and happy working environment. † Brian David CraneSpread great ideas

5. Avoid Criticism

Don’t criticize; pipe. Instead of complaining ad nauseam about something you don’t like, point out what you do like. Better yet, show them how. Otherwise, your team may build resentment against you because of your negativity. If you do need to point out any shortcomings, make sure you follow up on them with other aspects of their job that you do enjoy. † Amine RahalIronMonk Solutions

6. Stay Present

Stay present and don’t think too much. Overthinking can lead to anxiety, stress and frustration. If you focus on being the calm leader who wants to move things forward by putting yourself to work and living in the present as much as possible, your team will respond positively. † Ryan StonerDendro

7. Shut down drama and gossip

Avoid drama and gossip. When it comes up, ignore it and talk about something more positive. When you show your coworkers and direct reports that you simply don’t have the time for that, your positivity should flow freely. † Andrew Schrage Money Crashers Personal Finance

8. Lead with empathy

One of the most important qualities of a positive leader is empathy. This trait helps you understand the needs of others and be aware of their thoughts and feelings so that you can respond appropriately to different situations and avoid feelings of resentment and conflict. This helps foster positivity and helps build stronger and more meaningful relationships in the workplace. † Thomas GriffinOptinMonster

9. Spread positivity in your life

To radiate more positivity at work, you need to be positive in other areas of life as well. Otherwise, this can turn into toxic positivity that just sounds inspiring, but doesn’t really help you get anywhere. Are you positive at home? With friends and family? If not, it’s time for some inner work to make sure you’re in the best mental shape you can be. † Stephanie WellsFormidable shapes

10. Show appreciation

Today’s employees want their work recognized and appreciated. Showing gratitude creates a positive work environment for the entire team and boosts team morale. When a leader shows appreciation, they become more personal, relatable and approachable. The result? A strong, united team of people with shared values ​​who all share the same goal. † Brian PallasOpportunity Network

11. Share personal and professional victories

A powerful way to radiate positivity is to share personal and professional victories with your team. My business partner once had a great experience when he attended a networking event and later many people approached him and told him how his work affected them. My partner shared this with our company and the story showed people how their work matters. Share your victories and you will share positivity. † Blair WilliamsMembers Press

12. Follow positive people and media

You are who you follow. It is important that you are fully aware of what you see, read and hear every day. Whether on social media or at work, it is a must for us to follow and listen only to those who will bring positivity and joy into our lives. There is negativity all around us so it is a must that we are not part of its spread, but rather part of the solution. † Daisy Jing Banned

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