10 places to get resin supplies for your business

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Resin is an incredibly versatile craft material that you can use to make everything from home decor to jewelry. If you’re interested in building a business around this material, you’ll first need to find reliable sources for synthetic resin supplies. Here’s a guide.

The epoxy resin industry in 2022

Epoxy resin is a versatile material that is becoming an increasing part of the handmade craft industry. Consumers are constantly looking for unique gifts, jewelry and one-of-a-kind items. Epoxy resin can be a powerful option for creating these unique items while offering durability and scalability.

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Top places to buy resin art supplies for your business

Before you can start your new epoxy resin business, you will need a variety of supplies, including resin molds, epoxy, heat guns, and safety equipment. Here are some reliable sources for these materials.

1. Amazon

Amazon has a wide variety of products that you can use to build your resin craft shop. Their selection includes epoxy resin, resin mold molds, plastic cups, and sealants. They also offer affordable prices and fast shipping on many items.

2. Etsy

Etsy is home to a wide variety of unique craft supplies. You can find custom resin molding products, dyes and glitters, and various materials to finish your products, such as paint and fabric.

3. Let’s wax

Let’s wax is an online store completely dedicated to making resin molds. You’ll find various forms of resin, molds, and additives, along with maker’s guides and learning resources.

4. In resin

in resin is another online store specific to resin crafting. You can find various resins, molds, kits and more. And there’s even a free beginner’s guide and helpful blog posts on the site.

5. Resin

ArtResin is a store specializing in clear resin for artists. You can use it to cover paintings and other works of art to create a unique finish. However, they also provide molds and other supplies for 3D works.

6. Obsession with resin

Resin Obsession has a large collection of resin, epoxy, molds and colors. They focus on top quality products to help artists stand out in the market. The site also contains project ideas, tips and inspiration from other makers.

7. Craft warehouse

Craft warehouse is a chain of craft stores in the Pacific Northwest. They have different in-person locations, but also sell different products online. The inventory is not limited to resin materials, but that is a popular category with a wide variety of options.

8. Michaels

from Michael is a nationwide chain of craft stores offering resin materials and much more. This is ideal for those who prefer to buy craft supplies in person. And they also offer coupons and online shopping options.

9. Walmart

If you want to buy resin materials from a place you already shop, check out the selection at walmart. The major retail chain offers several molds and additives that are perfect for beginners looking to perfect their craft. It is not the most extensive collection, but you will find a decent selection in stores and online.

10. Ebay

eBay.com is a marketplace site that offers an ever-changing selection of resin and craft supplies. There are plenty of deals to be found, especially by hobbyists with overflow supplies. But since products come from independent sellers, there is no reliable inventory of specific items.

Essential supplies for resin crafts

Before you can create your new shop full of resin products, you need the right resin supplies. Here are some materials you should stock up on a regular basis.

Cast resin

Cast resin is the liquid form of this material that you can pour into different molds or containers. It serves as the basis of these projects and is sold in different sizes and shapes.

Alcoholic ink

Alcoholic ink is a specific type of dye that works well with epoxy resin. You can add it to the mixture to give it a unique shade.

To shine

For those who want to give resin products a unique texture or shine, you can also buy to shine to add to your molds.

Mold release

Mold release is a spray used to make it easier to remove cured resin from the silicone molds used to form them.


Once you are done with your projects, you can also use kit to protect your resin crafts or add different finishes to the surface.

Resin making equipment and tools for businesses

You will probably also need different types of tools that can serve you in making your unique resin crafts. From your ideal jig to safety equipment, here are some popular options.

Silicone Molds

You can find silicone molds in a huge range of sizes and shapes to complete different projects. Silicone is an ideal material because it is strong yet flexible.

Heat gun

a heat gun is a small hand tool that you can use to set resin and remove air bubbles from the material as it cures.


Protective gloves can keep your hands safe while working with synthetic resin supplies.

Safety glasses

You may also use safety glasses to protect your eyes while working with these tools and chemicals.


You need a large selection of cups to mix your resin, colors and other additives before pouring them into your molds.

Stir sticks

Then use stir sticks to create the finish and texture you want for each pour.

Where is the best place to get wholesale resin supplies?

If you’re looking for resin supplies for your next project, Amazon and Etsy have an extensive selection of resin, molds, and other materials. Check out the full list above for more options.

Is Resin Art Profitable?

Yes, resin art can be sold for a profit. You can make a shop that uses different resins and containers. To make your business profitable, you need to consider the cost of materials, your website, marketing and operating costs when pricing your projects.

Which resin items sell best?

Resin can be used to make a huge range of popular products. In general, handmade items sell well when used to make unique items and gifts. These can be coasters, jewelry, accessories and home decor.

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